There is no god!…really?

There is no god!…really?

The concept that there is no god is as old as the belief in god itself. The world’s dominant number of sects and races still have a religion, even if it is a brand to most. Atheists tend to believe that they got it right and hence almost 86% (as the rest are around 2-3% atheists and 12 percent non-religious) of the world is either mentally ill or plain delusional. Though numbers are not the pillar of proof still they give a striking contrast of the atheist position.

The average atheist doesn’t realize that what he/she basically tries to prove can not be called a statement if there is no equal argument. I do not think God is necessary, no, but he is present.

The act of reproduction is the biggest proof to me that there is a God, a creator. Something triggers a complex chain of events inside a womb and life breaks out. No matter what the Atheist say about it, I think more conviction is called for.


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