Supernatural Debt Reduction: Why I think Benny Hinn is teaching false doctrines

Supernatural Debt Reduction: Why I think Benny Hinn is teaching false doctrines

I was on my daily routine, checking my mails and all, and I got this email from Benny Hinn ministries. I remember subscribing to them 10 years back when I had no clue about true christian doctrine, but since then had not followed up on them or my inbox had moved them to spam, either way, this mail cautght my attention which had this highlighted topics:

Supernatural Debt Reduction and The Thousandfold Principle

to quote the mail

“God’s Supernatural Economy
The world’s financial systems are going through a massive shaking—headlines scream of a currency crisis. Yet as is so often the case in the Bible, when circumstances point to the worst, the conditions for a miracle are forming on the horizon. And your coming miraculous debt reduction and wealth transfer will happen at the worst moment for the world.
The conditions are perfect for your miracle, because God is about to take the world’s wealth and place it in your hands! He is ready to pour out a supernatural debt reduction into your life. And I want you to be part of this mighty outpouring as it continues!
God wants you to walk in divine health! He wants your needs to be met! He wants your family to be restored! And I believe He desires for you to seesupernatural debt reduction as we move through 2012!
God has specifically told me to share with His people that He wants to deliver them from debt.”

But what was the catch it was simple, Mr. Hinn explained that people who wanted their debt gone should give a “seed of faith” that is money and God will multiply that amount with a thousand and give it back to you. Worse, the page on the website actually showed testimonials from couples that said that this thing worked for them. So the bottom line was:

Give money to me, and God will give it back to you a thousand fold.

Preachers often teach that if you give money to ministries you will get some form of reward, I can understand that. There is nothing wrong with it but to preach this to get money and then making a money generating formula from it is what is truly insulting to the gospel which clearly said “Freely you have received, freely give.”

But what is being preached now is totally un-biblical, give and it shall be returned to you a thousand fold. It is not seed faith it is actually greed faith. Because it utterly replaces the grace of God which is not measures to us in any way.

If Mr. Hinn needed money to support his ministry all he had to do was to give all his money to some local church and by his own very principle, he shall get his money back multiplied by a thousand. If it is that good why don’t he do it himself? Well he wouldn’t.

I would advise Christians to not to fall for these kind of teaching, give this much and you will have this much in return. This is a stumbling block for a lot of souls. It makes me sad to see such false doctrines being preached and people falling for them.

I do not have anything against Mr. Hinn personally, its not the man but what he is teaching is what I find contrary to the scriptures.

so the next time you get a message like this in you inbox do not give into greed. If you want to support some ministry do so but beware of people who are using these schemes to lure people into giving more and more. That is not what is expected from a Christian and God is not a money making machine we can all hit and win.


8 thoughts on “Supernatural Debt Reduction: Why I think Benny Hinn is teaching false doctrines

  1. My BIG problems with Benny Hinn are his false prophecies and doctrine. He prophesied that Fidel Castro would die “in the nineties”. At the same time as Castro’s passing, he said, the Holy Spirit told him that all the homosexuals in the US would be “executed by the fire of God”. Never happened. He preached that Jesus was Born Again and Adam could fly to the moon. He also publicly cursed all his critics. Benny has never acknowledged any of this and apologized. Look it up! Would a local church pastor get away with it?

    1. I agree with you, there has been a lot he said which never came to pass. But regardless of that, the teachings are so wrong. This is not the gospel of Christ which is being preached, its been misconstrued into a wealth earning machine. Faith is being replaced with formulas for this and that, it is sad indeed.

      1. I agree John! and its really very sad to see what preachers of such stature are preaching to the people of God and misleading them. I know a lot of people who believe Benny Hinn to be the voice of God, and for them whatever he says is inevitably right. But I just wonder since when did God started worrying about our bank accounts, agreed that he take cares of our worries but money making/ saving is not God’s concern, I think. The Bible does not provide any reference/ support for such kind of teachings.
        The Book of Acts is all about disciples selling their properties and using the money to reach out and fulfil each others needs.. where are we going with all this???

  2. I do understand bible principles on sowing.

    but what irks me is Preachers taking advantage of it, turning it into
    ‘marketing campaign’

    Oh come on! this is simple logic.

    If someone is selling me $100 bills for $50, then something is wrong.!

    my point is this.

    If sowing works (i know it does), Why don’t they sow instead?

    why don’t they sow, so that they wont ask for someone else’s seed?

    Don’t go to mission where the people are poor and ask money from them
    and tell them my God is rich.

    no, go to mission and build schools, churches, feed people. do all those stuff that tells people your God is rich.

    yes, I do believe in bible principles. but I don’t believe in oxymorons. 🙂

    let me share you a testimony :

    4 yrs ago, before I truly became a christian I got a credit card debt.

    then when I became born again, I have forgotten about the debt. of course the interest rates did not forgot me, it keep on piling up. now 4 yrs the amount to be paid was HUGE!

    then as I remember about the debt, I had a ‘personal revelation’, personal means for me only 🙂 – that Jesus paid my credit card debt as well when He
    has hanged at the cross.

    then after a couple of months, I received a Letter. it says

    “Your credit card debt has been greatly reduced”

    as I look at the amount wow I can’t believe my eyes.

    so I paid the very very small amount.

    there you go.

    the only letter I received was not about sowing, but rather reaping. 🙂

    – grace and peace

  3. Benny Hinn is a good example of a false prophet whom God has warned in the Bible. We can tell them apart with their fruits as a bad tree cannot bear good fruits. He is not a servant of God, he does not preach the Gospel which Jesus commanded His disciples to do. He just wants money and it is tragic so many people give him money. In this youtube video, see how he spends the donated money !

  4. What youre saying is totally true. I know that everybody must say the identical thing, but I simply think that you put it in a manner that everybody can understand. I additionally love the images you put in here. They match so properly with what youre making an attempt to say. Im positive youll reach so many people with what youve got to say.

    1. My BIG problems with Benny Hinn are his failed prophecies and strange doctrines. Benny claimed Holy Spirit anointing to prophesy that Fidel Castro would die “in the nineties”. At the same time as this death, he prophesied, every homosexual in the USA would be executed “by the fire of God”. He publicly cursed his critics, and preached that Jesus was born again, and Adam could fly to the moon. On his TV program he endorsed the teaching that declared favourite colours can reveal demons in the brain. Look it all up on YouTube, and read Deuteronomy 18:20-22: Matthew 7:15. Don’t ignore the Bible!

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