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God gave us pot and the idiot who opened up the Bible

Most people who read the Bible never realize that they in fact are not reading the Bible, they are reading a translation of the Bible. There is indeed a barrier of language which is a great hurdle for many to not know and understand the original languages i.e Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, in which the Bible was originally penned down. What is worse is that the system of interpretation which is the most common and the most popular among Christians and atheists alike is that they read the Bible plainly.

What usually follows is a faith based system of taking verses out of context and treating them as they were universal objective true principles applied to everyday life and person.

What I have seen more is that, atheists have started using the same system of reading the Bible too and that is why they are hilariously wrong at times, at others they make it sound very rational and intellectual to take out their english bibles and point to you a verse, isolating it completely and then asking for explanations. 

Yesterday I saw a picture at a tumblr site and was then reblogged onto a couple of wordpress blogs as sarcasm but I have also seen this argument being put forward as evidence that the God was wrong and evil or ill-informed.

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It quotes genesis 1:29

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

The argument put forth was that God intentionally tried to harm us and kill us since we know that many plants are narcotic and poisonous and can not be eaten.

Solid argument I suppose since the Bible says so. But I am not so sure about it. To truly understand a lot of the scriptures we have to actually understand how Hebrews used words and phrases to attach meaning to a story.

For instance, in English we say

“The whole world mourned the death of lady Diana” = does not mean that every single person on the planet mourned her.

“The world is at war” = does not mean that every single country is at war

“Jim can eat all the ice-cream in the world” = does not mean Jim can literally eat all the ice cream in the world.

“…every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth = does not literally mean you eat every single plant there is out there in the whole world.

It is an expression to convey a meaning, in words which were familiar and common in the day and age in which it was written. Just like today in many of the phrases the word “world” does not necessarily mean the entire world. Same is the case here, plucking out a verse without use of idioms and expression, context, history and above all common sense and using it literally is plain problematic.

But it is not atheists who I want to talk to but Christians who are so used to read the Bible plainly. It is a poor way of making an exegesis on scriptures. I would encourage you to use online tools, dictionaries, commentaries, translation tools and etc, there are many around which can help you understand context and establish hermeneutic to properly understand the scriptures.

By John A. David

A student of theology, a bible teacher and a graphics designer. I ramble a lot about Christian faith, apologetics and atheism.

6 replies on “God gave us pot and the idiot who opened up the Bible”

couldn’t say it better bro.

i had this conversation with a pastor. he claim that the only translation that correct is the ……. KJV.

I didn’t opposed but I said “to me, the correct is the Original Greek”

then silence …..

but i have reach this point where I learned that Jesus spoke Aramaic not greek.
also the books were not written in real time some were written like more that 70 years after Jesus died.

I am not trying to stir confusion, but to say that KJV is the right one is totally wrong.


– grace and peace

To say that KJV is the only true Bible is indeed wrong. To say that any biblical translation is more superior than the original is blatantly wrong. It is as wrong as it gets.

I have seen various people who believe the KJV to be the authenticity of their faith. How sad!. This is just denominational-bound-in-a-box thinking which does not let the work of Christ take precedence over our rules and regulations.

We must acknowledge that in the end, Christ and his love is the supreme measuring stick of faith.

I thank God for the Bible but I do not put it above God.

There is, of course, the idea that God said that before sin – and thus death and likely suffering -had entered the world, and so it was not likely that there were any poisonous plants, etc. Context is so often ignored, because it requires effort!

Thanks for replying Aj, though I think that the context you are referring to would only be needed for a YEC perspective. I am not very much certain that the scriptures indicate a change in creation’s overall structure and behavior, in YEC view even though it is often implied.

I have to say my impression of Gen 1:29 has been similar to aj. Gen 3:18-19 suggests that the earth was more “man-friendly” before the fall, just as Gen 2:19-20 says that all the animals were brought to Adam (I must assume without being a danger to him).

Thank you for replying greg.

I do believe it is a good topic to discuss and I was hoping to write on it in the coming days. But to give a short opinion on the matter. This kind of sounds very random to me.

For example, why is the seed of apple, arsenic in nature, there are plenty of poisons that occur in the natural flora of this planet, but to assume that only some of them changed, in my opinion is a “moving goal post argument”. I mean why is orange not poisonous but blue green algae is?

Did God select exactly which were the plants that were going to go bad and which were not. Because if not then even without realizing, we support evolution of some form to have occurred, post creation.

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