New papyrus found… Jesus had a wife

New papyrus found… Jesus had a wife

Jesus mentions “my wife”

Yeah, and for those of you who do not know her, she is called “the Church”. 

Read the full CNN article here


9 thoughts on “New papyrus found… Jesus had a wife

  1. yes and getting it completely wrong. Though the papyrus is dated somewhere between 2-4th century, so I do not think it has a very good case to be in the biblical canon except for the gnostic gospels, which already have these kind of verses in them.

    1. Just read the CNN article, it is amazing that people even entertain the thought that Jesus could have been married in the first place…

    1. People have been talking about Jesus’s marriage for a long time now regardless of the fact that the Bible or other historical records have accounts of His mother, father or siblings. so there must have been some record if there would have been a wife. sounds dumb…

  2. The Atlantic had an excellent article with the title: The Bible Refers to Jesus’ Wife, Too
    Whether fraud or simply false teaching, this is heresy. Where are the theologians?

    But, when we are rightly appalled at the media distortion, we should leap for joy at the opportunity it presents to share the true Jesus with those caught up by the story.

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