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Church set on fire: protests against the anti-Islamic film.

Please remember Christians all over the Muslim world who are being persecuted for the anti-Islamic film. As I am typing this post, a church is being burned down by angry Muslims mobs. Because in Pakistan, america is considered a Christian country. Its the angry mob’s way of taking revenge.

By John A. David

A student of theology, a bible teacher and a graphics designer. I ramble a lot about Christian faith, apologetics and atheism.

4 replies on “Church set on fire: protests against the anti-Islamic film.”

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Muslims are taught to HATE JEWS & Christians from birth- wipe Israel-(little SATAN) & America-(the great SATAN) off the planet! These people Hate US always have always will NO matter how much Money we send or how much we feed them! They are Evil Haters from the heart! FIRST –STOP teaching them to HATE!

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