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A Dream about Death and Heaven

I found this very beautiful, and I hope it may change your lookout on people around you.

I dreamt death came the other night
And Heaven’s gate swung wide.
An angel with a halo bright
Ushered me inside.

And there! To my astonishment
Stood folks I’d judged and labeled
As “quite unfit,” “of little worth,”
And “spiritually disabled.”

Indignant words rose to my lips
But never were set free,
For every face showed stunned surprise –
Not one expected me!

– Anonymous

Source: Albert W. Daw Collection

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New papyrus found… Jesus had a wife

Jesus mentions “my wife”

Yeah, and for those of you who do not know her, she is called “the Church”. 

Read the full CNN article here

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God gave us pot and the idiot who opened up the Bible

Most people who read the Bible never realize that they in fact are not reading the Bible, they are reading a translation of the Bible. There is indeed a barrier of language which is a great hurdle for many to not know and understand the original languages i.e Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, in which the Bible was originally penned down. What is worse is that the system of interpretation which is the most common and the most popular among Christians and atheists alike is that they read the Bible plainly.

What usually follows is a faith based system of taking verses out of context and treating them as they were universal objective true principles applied to everyday life and person.

What I have seen more is that, atheists have started using the same system of reading the Bible too and that is why they are hilariously wrong at times, at others they make it sound very rational and intellectual to take out their english bibles and point to you a verse, isolating it completely and then asking for explanations. 

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Narrow is the road that leads to life

“You’re both fired,” my new boss, who had joined the organization only a week ago, told me and my christian coworker. The new boss was a man who had jet black hair and a long beard, the one that almost reached down to his chest, a man who went to the mosque five times a day to say his prayers. This was the same time when the American war on terror had started and I was working in a small software house as a web designer and animator, in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

When I asked him why he had fired me, he told me that me and my other Christian friend were always slowing down work, we were not regular and we were not doing any work which was satisfying to their standards. It was far from the truth. The only thing important to note was that me and my christian friend were the only working Christians in the small organization. We were both fired on the same day, at the same time with the same accusations. We were handed our termination letters and were told to exit the premises immediately, we were not even allowed to clear out our cabins or take away any personal files, no sir. I know why he fired us, it was nothing to do with our work, it was because he thought that Christians should not be allowed to sit alongside Muslims and that it was due revenge because Afghanistan was being attacked by a Christian nation, America, so any chance he could get to humiliate us was a good opportunity.

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Water Baptism, Declaration of Faith and why these are not needed for Salvation

Water Baptism

This is one of the topics that most Christians are very sensitive about. I remember the other day when four of my friends were actually convincing someone to repent and accept Christ. And their focus was on two things, water baptism by immersion in water and a verbal declaration of faith.

I have nothing against water baptism or verbal confession of faith but nonetheless I ended up offending all of them.  The only person who listened to me was the guy who was yet to accept Christ. Why? because both of these things in my opinion are not required for salvation, at all.

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Biblical Bullshit, God in a laboratory and the Skeptic’s Dilemma

The Angry Skeptic

Offensive title, I know. I was surfing the word press reader when I stumbled across the Blog titled “Biblical Bullshit” and as usual it turned out to be nothing more but a ventilation shaft for someone who despised religion.

I think, calling vile names to Bible and God, seem attractive and cool to atheists. They probably enjoy having the upper hand in intelligence or at least they hope to. But they forget that in all of this they are in no way any different that than the religious crowd who also calls them a lot of bad things.

Hypocrisy seldom sells so I am afraid that these atheists are somewhat a disgrace to atheism itself. Most atheists even consider Sam Harris to be a disgrace to atheism but that is no more different than calling out the Pope as a disgrace to Christianity. Does any of it helps? No.


Got a question?

Hey all, I have just added a new section to the blog where you can post your questions about faith, christian life or atheism. Feel free to chime in anytime you want and we’ll discuss it.

Thank you.

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How I learned the Bible is not the Word of God

It was one of the toughest things to admit for me, going back an year from now when someone whom I deeply respect, said this to me in a forum, I was shocked and felt wronged. I felt it was necessary to object to this and I did. With fervor and passion I tried to argue that the Bible indeed is the word of God and to claim otherwise with however noble motivations one might have, would be a wrong presentation of what makes up the Christian faith.

But now when I look back, I see why I was wrong. With time and help from a couple of very good people I came to know and who helped me understand what real faith is, I slowly learned what seems now as clear as day but utterly felt wrong back then. The contents of this post are not original to me in the strictest sense, if it wasn’t for some people I could not understand this and write about it.

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Do not expect a righteousness to prevail…

Just because so many things are in conflict does not mean that we ourselves should be divided. 
Yet time and time again one hears it said that since we have been put into a conflicting world, we have to adapt to it. Oddly, this completely unchristian idea is most often espoused by so-called Christians, of all people. How can we expect a righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone who will give himself up undividedly to a righteous cause?

Sophie Scholl

The last line sent a shiver down my spine, to think that one of the greatest crimes in human history, the Holocaust, happened because people wanted to survive, ride it out, like all others. They expected righteousness to prevail but at someone else’s expense. How sad, tragic and awful it is to see the ugliest side of humanity when it is at its worst.

When I read those lines, years ago, I felt overwhelmed by the brutal honesty of her words which still to this day makes me think how I should live my life. The idea haunts me. I have stopped praying for some time now (a long time I suppose) for God to feed the hungry and provide welfare for the poor. I do not pray for peace for mankind, I do not pray anymore for sickness and famine to be removed from the world. I do not pray that earthquakes be averted or storms do not occur. Instead I am trying to live the way we are expected to live.

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God is soooo wrong: Grace that never makes sense.

A while back on a forum this discussion popped up and I know this comes up often when atheists try to blame God (as if he exists for them). The following is a comment from a very nice atheist poster I know. The names have been changed.

Atheist :

… to be honest, I think it would be equally sick if God forgave Hitler. I mean, it would be pretty sad to see Gandhi burning eternally in Hell while Hitler lived an eternity of joy and happiness…I mean, for that to even be a possibility is so wrong.

But I say, why do you think that God forgiving Hitler sick or Gandhi burning in hell is unacceptable. While the former was a madman, the latter was almost a saint as far as actions are concerned but regardless of what those people did, you can not out-weigh grace by works. That is the point of which I think atheists, IMHO, have a superficial understanding. The gospel is not about what you did, but about what Christ did. You are seeing it the other way around through some sort of karma that is working behind the scene, well that ain’t the gospel and it certainly isn’t Christianity either.