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Me and me, and then more of me

Yup, that’s Me. Allow me to introduce you to my best friend, Me. As you may have guessed Me is very close to me.

What? you ask.

Well, I don’t know how else to put it. Me is so close to me that we are practically bonded. Me however has a very different set of habits and preferences. Me normally does not like when I interfere with his choices. And that is when Me comes out and does all the things which I would not do normally. In fact, Me planned that I should start bashing people when I like to.I objected strongly, of course.  Am I shifting blames? hardly. Me is really out of my control. He has a mind of its own. For example, Me thinks I should spend money like crazy. And to top that he always wants me to spend when I am short on money, I however have to make sure that does not happen.

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Thank God for Charles Darwin

I know some people might frown upon the title just to begin but if you did frown, I suggest you try a face-palm too, because you might be doing that anyway by the time this post ends.

Most of the highly conservative Christian sect has so far taken science out of their lives that a mere mention of the word brings people to look at you like you went crazy or something.  The idea that science can be right is frowned upon and heavily debated among many YEC groups. To be fair though those people are not against science, they are against it only when the validity of their exegesis is in question. Evolution, ID, creationism, multiverse and all that.

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The evil pumpkin

Is Halloween demonic? Is it a satanic ceremony?

I have seen this year, some pretty strong reactions regarding “all hallows eve”. Some Christians  and I only mean the ones I know or have seen, came up against it pretty aggressively.  Their point being that it is a ritual which has its roots in occult and Satan worship and that we as Christians should not participate in “devil worship” and “glorifying Satan”.

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I am still a loser

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“Can I go to the bathroom?” these were the words which I dared not utter while desperately trying to control my bladder. As I sat there in the first grade classroom, I was nervously looking around at other children. No one else was asking for bathroom breaks so the fact that I was made me shrink with shame. I am not sure how I got that idea but I can tell you it was there. A four year old boy could not express himself. Somehow I felt that if I asked, everyone will look at me and laugh at me. It was the fear of being different than the crowd around me that made me nervous and I held it for like 2-3 hours I suppose.

And it didn’t end there. I was afraid to ask for help, I could not ask help, not even from the teacher. Because that also implied that I was “not enough”, that I lacked something, that I was unintelligent. I could not ask my parents because well, what will they think what kind of a brain-dead child they have? All other children seem to do fine.

Well, I realize now that isn’t the case but as a child I just did not know.

I remember the first time I entered a sprint race. I was 4 or 5, I remember everyone being on the starting line. I was nervous, I was afraid but I thought I can do it, even if I don’t win, I will try my best.


excellent post, great quotes on preaching, I assure you, some of them will challenge you if you preach the gospel.

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A Christian defends evolution

I see a lot of people who believe in a literal 6 day creationism and Intelligent Design, let me say it on the outset, I respect their faith. I respect it because it is tied with their belief.

The point of this post is not to attack creationism or intelligent design but to ask my readers a few things to consider.

My humble opinion is that while there is a good following of Intelligent design and Creationism, these are still not scientific models of any kind. Many supporters of creationism and ID assert that evolution has problems. I agree it does, but they are not what the critics of evolutionary biology think they are. A lot of anti-evolution among Christians is because most often evolution is misrepresented and demonized. The worst of all misconceptions is that evolution makes man come from monkeys. No.


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Coming out of the closet: a writer

Coming out from

OK guys, it’s time for me to come out of the closet.

I am a big fan of horror/paranormal fiction and ever since learning English and reading English, I have wanted to write. I have not written much but only a few stories that fall in the horror genre. For some years I have been hiding them because

1. I really do not think I am a “good” writer.

2. I am afraid my language skills, simply suck.

3. I don’t think I am hitting any revolutionary ideas.

But I think its time for me to start sharing these. I would love your feedback, your reviews and if nothing else your honest opinion. I write because the whole “bring your story on paper” thing excites me.

I’m not writing for money(though I am not opposed to the idea) but I write because I love to write and I want to write.

So here it is, my first upload:

It lurks

A strange thing is happening out on the countryside. Claire and Rick are struggling to get their lives in order but they will soon confront the fear that is slowly taking over their town.

Yes, thank God for self-publishing you can download it at for free. . And if you do find it interesting, please let me know what you think.

There is a new page on my blog now “Short Stories” and I will be posting stories whenever I write those. On a side note, I will be uploading my second story Tic-Toc, very soon.

That’s it guys, say hello to the writer in me and if I suck at it, please be gentle. 😉

Good day to you all.

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One person can make a difference

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How many times someone has told you that you can not make a difference? That you can never change anything around you? Wherever you look you will always find someone who is willing to predict your future. It can be your father, your mother, your family , your wife, your kids, your friends, your boss, it can be anyone.

Why do they say that? because you fail, like everyone else. You fall down, your feet bleed, you are bruised often by little accidents of life. Your divorce, your drug use,  your lack of education, your poverty, your disabilities, your age, your unwanted pregnancy, your fears and your past mistakes, people will take whatever they can find and tell you that you are just like them, that you are ordinary, just average, not better than anyone else. You are barely adequate enough and that’s it. They will take your failures and list them for you. There is always someone willing to do this to you. 

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Morality, Holocaust, and the Athiest

In a recent discussion on a forum, I was given a statement with regards to morality by an atheist who was arguing for subjective morality.

The statement was:

“… something is correct if the majority says it’s correct and if society chooses to enforce that rule.”

When I asked him that would he stand by the same rule, if applied to WWII Nazi Germany and the resulting Holocaust?

I was met with silence.

Am I the only one or you also think that there is something completely wrong with this statement?

In fact to be honest, it’s not only, not right, it’s not even wrong, it’s retarded.

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Why we suffer? an objection to God…


The biggest issue has been and quite probably, always will be the issue of suffering and an omnipotent God.
Most have already abandoned the “evil” issue since they realize that without God there is on quantifier for ‘evil”.
But suffering, especially of the innocent, is always the big one.
While some “lower” atheist still try to go with the “Jesus myths” and such, that these have been discredited even by Bart Ehrman, has pretty much put a nail in that coffin and are not used by the “higher” atheists. The “rational” atheist tries to make it clear that there is NO proof that God exists and while there MAY be evidence of “something”, that evidence is NOT proof and most certainly nor evidence FOR God per say.

In my view, the evil argument is 100% subjective and most atheist know that, so they don’t use it that much.
The suffering one is still used because it is an emotional one and those tend to be the best arguments for JUDGING God and if you can judge God, you can disbelief Him because you have brought him “down” to our level and hence, he is NOT God.