Musings of a theoretical physicist: questions about faith

Musings of a theoretical physicist: questions about faith

I wonder whether atheists think deeply about the various issues. When I was an atheist, I did not pay that much attention to Christian thinking. I was brought up in an atheistic family where I was told to read the Bible but with keeping some distance from it, not to be sucked in to it. I also thought that Christians were not wise people and I did not explore Christian thinkers which was mistake. Maybe there are many atheists out there who are like I used to be, not exploring things.

I am a theoretical physicist and can talk about physics and its relation to faith. I do not find any of it disturbing my faith. Even my university physics professors never said anything disturbing about faith in their lectures. One thing I remember very well: One of my physics teachers wondered that the world is describable. There are quite few laws describing vast amount of things and one really wonders about this. And one can wonder further, where do these laws come from? What is their origin? One of my atheist friend does not wonder about this at all, because he says that when he thought about it, he could also wonder about the origin of God.
So, he simply dismissed the question about the origin of laws.

As a theoretical physicist I see beauty and harmony in the creation, in its laws. This evokes in me that there must be someone greater, some great Physicist/Mathematician. Thinking about the vast creation makes me humble. I think that people need to be humble and have respect. I am not saying that they should not continue in the exploration, in fact, the opposite is true. God also says that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search that out.

The fact that I see order in the universe and not chaos means something. But people are quick to dismiss it by referring to anthropological principle saying that if it was not so, there would be no one wondering about it. That’s it. They stop there.

Maybe people are afraid to explore things further. Because as soon as they admit that there is a Christian God they also must admit that there is a devil and forces we do not have control over. And this is very scary.

One thing I do wonder about as a theoretical physicist is, what is the spirit composed of? I know there are quarks, leptons, photons, weak bosons, gluons and it seems that Higgs Boson too. But what about the spirit? If it interacted with the known particles could we detect it whenever we wanted?


From my dear friend,
Dr. Hana Hlucha

Dr. Hana lives and works in Slovakia, is a believer and much loved in Christ. 
You can visit her page at

5 thoughts on “Musings of a theoretical physicist: questions about faith

  1. This post made me laugh so hard! Many inconsistencies. Besides, if you truly are a Theoretical Physicist, then at least replace that picture with one that displays the single Maxwell Equation in its Tensor Form when applied to a vacuum, as that would be the only relevant case to look at if we are studying creation.

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