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Thank God for Charles Darwin

I know some people might frown upon the title just to begin but if you did frown, I suggest you try a face-palm too, because you might be doing that anyway by the time this post ends.

Most of the highly conservative Christian sect has so far taken science out of their lives that a mere mention of the word brings people to look at you like you went crazy or something.  The idea that science can be right is frowned upon and heavily debated among many YEC groups. To be fair though those people are not against science, they are against it only when the validity of their exegesis is in question. Evolution, ID, creationism, multiverse and all that.

I have seldom taken issue with how people believe about science and what it does, it is not in my rights to admonish someone as to what they should believe, I however would like to say what I think is pretty awesome about it.

When I look up to the heavens, all is see is glory, majesty and grace. Science has its share of blunders but then who hasn’t. I believe, except Christ,  no one fits the bill. As a group, no one is exempt from the error of human nature. And yet, I believe the scientific community, is truly a God-gifted community.

If I am allowed to be melodramatic for a moment, I’d say they are a gift of God to us. Men like, Newton, Galileo, Einstein and a host of other names, who contributed so much to the field, spent all their lives understanding our universe, the world and making sense of it. It is because of the genius of these people that we have a world which is so much better than it was 400 years ago.

We owe these gentlemen and ladies, a great deal, for without them mankind would have not been what we are today. From medicine to space travel, we have broken barriers that no other living species has ever achieved. Just imagine what world we would have had lived in, had it not been for these people who committed their lives to unravel the mysteries which surround us.

There are people who believe that the Bible alone is the word of God, and if I can make a simile here, I believe that the entire cosmos is the unspoken, unwritten word of God and it is to the faithfulness and hard work of these people, these very few people, that we have had the pleasure of understanding the mysteries of our universe. Long gone are the days when to know simple facts men had to spend a lifetime studying and researching, what even children can Google up today.

Let us appreciate the fact and give our dues where they are deserved, for me at least, I think these people deserve our respect and honor. I thank God for these wonderful men and women, for making a lot of things easier to understand. If creation is indeed God-made, then the men of science are no less than prophets; for they have made the word of God truly understandable. It is something I deeply cherish.

If you think I have utterly lost it, then go on with that face-palm we talked about earlier. As for me, every once in a while, I sit down to pray and when I do, I thank God for Charles Darwin.

By John A. David

A student of theology, a bible teacher and a graphics designer. I ramble a lot about Christian faith, apologetics and atheism.

7 replies on “Thank God for Charles Darwin”

I don’t necassarily agree that the men and women of science are prophets but the overall tone made me smile. God made all of us curious things. I think to look up at the wonders of His handy work and not be curious about it would merely demonstrate how self centered we’ve become as a people. I think God made the universe to be curious about. I know for me, I feel closest to Him when under the stars, starring up and thinking “Who is this that can make something so big?” If you are studying the universe you are in essence studying Him.

Great post 🙂


Hey krissy,

Thanks for taking the time to read. You make some good observations. Guess we have a lot to agree on. 🙂

Thank you, feel free to chime in whenever you like.

Good day to you.

Hey troy, thanks for dropping by. I looked at your article and I would like to remark a few things, hopefully tomorrow. I have a fever and I am not feeling like writing much today.


Awesome…. take care of yourself first, no rush 😛

Also, you are welcome to offer whatever you feel explains you….

Though, it may help to keep in mind, unlike what many seem to be thinking with this article; where it relates to demonstrable data, the only assertion it attempts to make is that “belief in God” and “atheism” both currently exist as “paradigm.”

You will find many of the comments already explored the question of what this article is means to say, so I figured I’d just mention that in advance.

Thank you for sharing 🙂

Great post my man. I still don’t believe, but I appreciate not only your lack of hostility but your full embrace of science!

I do have a question, however:

In your opinion, what is the causal reason for so many atheists within the scientific community? Current estimates peg the National Academy of Sciences membership at 85%-93% atheist.


Hey Andrew,

To be honest, faith is personal journey. I can’t really speak for all but in my opinion, with science it makes much more sense to stick to the rules. And of course as soon as you step into naturalism and stay within it, you can not positively say that there is a God, Being a scientist is more than a job, it is a lifestyle, a way of thinking and practising it, even if in your heart think that there may be a God, you can’t prove it with science or disapprove it either. It just hangs in the middle. And the scientist is right when he comes out and explains why he thinks there is no God or that he is not sure there is a God. Even Stephen hawking and Dawkins while being hardcore atheists rank themselves as Strong Agnostics to be precise. It is more of a technicality because if you are called out on it you can’t prove anything one way or the other.

Second is that people like to keep a repute. Einstein never believed in God and yet he never did come out of the closet fully. For years people talked about him being theist or deist but the recent letter which surfaced decided that he was indeed an atheist. I won’t be surprised if the the contrary is happening somewhere in the overall scientific community too. Scientists who are believers but can’t risk their reputation and their career, Though I would say, even if it is happening I do not think everyone is doing this, may be small portion might be doing this.

Third, I believe Christians are not fully engaging in the sciences, the last century has taken a turn for us in not so many nice directions.

Fourth, I believe there may be many Christian scientists who are not vocal enough.

Fifth, a lot of scientists also turn deist, or Christian deist. They are not counted as Christians but they are there all the same.

For example, if you look at the jail records in the U.S only a small percentage of people list themselves as atheists, atheists often cite it as a moral support argument but if you examine carefully, you will find that many label themselves as non-religious, non-theist or no religion but not as atheists, many leave the box blank. If you consider these too than the percentage spikes fairly high. I do not support this argument nor its rebuttal but at the moment it seems like a good example to show what I mean.

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