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The evil pumpkin

Is Halloween demonic? Is it a satanic ceremony?

I have seen this year, some pretty strong reactions regarding “all hallows eve”. Some Christians  and I only mean the ones I know or have seen, came up against it pretty aggressively.  Their point being that it is a ritual which has its roots in occult and Satan worship and that we as Christians should not participate in “devil worship” and “glorifying Satan”.

Now I am all up for care, as I genuinely believe these people care about our spiritual lives but I also think this is highly inappropriate i.e to label Halloween as satanic and the participants as glorifying the devil. And to lash out against it in such harsh style is to only complicate the issue.

The celebrations of Christmas tree and Easter bunny, water baptism, etc. all have some form of pagan influences in them. These ceremonies and their roots are not totally christian. Yet when it comes to that, many critics of Halloween don’t have any objections. For general information, honeymoon is also a pagan tradition, involving mead and honey which was given to the groom on the wedding night as a toast to their gods.

The thing is, this kind of attitude projects are very wrong look of Christianity on the world. And the catch is, not all Christians are saying this but we end up showing the world, we are close-minded and we have double standards.

If some one feels that he should not be a participant in Halloween for personal and spiritual reasons then I believe they should not; however going ahead and demonizing the whole thing is something which should not be done.

If something general, as the Halloween is a danger to our faith, what good is Christ’s work on the cross? isn’t it all in vain then?

Unless someone believes that old Jack ‘O’ Lantern is still wandering the fields, carrying his glowing amber from hell, in a turnip (pumpkin for Americans) we are safe from the devil and his agents, eating our corn.

By John A. David

A student of theology, a bible teacher and a graphics designer. I ramble a lot about Christian faith, apologetics and atheism.

4 replies on “The evil pumpkin”

Can anyone you know or have met etc. name one time that someone who celebrated Halloween and was subsequently possessed by a demon? Isn’t this simply even more superstition by believers? Some irrational fear that has no factual basis?

Yeah, sure, I know… absence of evidence is not evidence of absence or so the saying goes. Just how paranoid should believers be? Is there demons and witches around every corner lurking to lure them away to hell?

Just an opinion.

I would not say “paranoid” is the right word for all believers, yeah sure, some are. Most of it has to do with dogmatic faith. Actually, it is not fear I have seen, it is disgust. Being zealous can lead into problems if that zeal goes unchecked.

This is true for all people, I have seen people who want to blow up all Muslims because they fear them as terrorists, I have seen atheists who want to exterminate religion because they think it will bring doom to civilization and lets not forget Buddhists who want to eliminate all forms of desire.

In that way everyone is a little afraid, and to that extent everyone is a little paranoid. But back to the point, yeah I think labeling Halloween as satanic is totally wrong.

OK. I’m beginning to feel like a blog stalker…but I’m going to comment on this one anyways. (Big surprise, I know.)

I’m a Christian. I’m TRYING to raise my children as Christians. We celebrate Halloween. My oldest daughter is going as a gruesome something or other this year, as she does evvvvvvvvery year. This year as we carved our Frankenstein pumpkin we discussed how:

Our sin is like the gross ickyness of the guts of the pumpkin.
When we carved the face we discussed how it can hurt when Jesus starts to carve out the sinful nature we have.
And finally when we placed the light into the pumpkin we read Matt 5:14 about being a lantern to the world.

When Avatar came out we let the girls watch it.(pre-screen of course – we don’t walk in blind). And then we discussed why we believe what we believe and let them ask questions. {we do this with most movies}

Everything concerning Pagan vs Christian (or any religion for that matter) beliefs comes down to one thing only. A heart issue. This is why God looks to your heart. It is the one absolute thing about you that is completely honest. You can TRY to talk yourself in to or out of something but you cannot change your heart. You can speak the right words (Christianese) or behave a certain way; but that doesn’t mean down in your heart that you mean anything that you say or that you’re not doing something for a motive known only to you.

{ side note of out an “outta control Christian”…I also eat at Subway who has stores that serve Halal meats.

If I’m invited to someone’s table and they have just scarified this meat to their god. I’m digging in. God made all things good. I would not offend their offer of fellowship and conversation over a god that doesn’t exist to me. I know where my heart belongs.}

Wow, this was a lot longer than I originally anticipated. See what happens when I first drink coffee? Good grief.

Anyways, I kind of like your blogs if you hadn’t noticed.


Krissy, I am delighted to hear from you. Thank you for liking what I wrote. It means a lot.

Talking in metaphors about what God does in our life is a healthy thing. As a parent you are doing what you can to make sure that your child does not get the wrong picture. This is what I believe we all should try to do.
I am not sure how old your daughter is but you can always start telling them about mature Christianity, that is different than the Sunday school version we all hear so much.

I live in Pakistan so we get a the occasion each year to eat meat which the Muslims sacrifice to their God. I must tell you that we have many Christians here (I’m sure everywhere) who won’t eat at the Muslim table because that meat was offered to their God but, I have never followed it. Because in my heart I know God is not going to pull up our diet menus on the day we would all stand before him.

Tell you what, we had the honour and pleasure to see a Muslim family convert. Yes that’s right, after years and years of eating and being open with love and care whenever we could, and discussing the gospel, they finally came to Christ.

I have nothing to disagree, I say again, if someone thinks they should only eat halal meat, or keep one day holy above others, more power to them. I just do not agree when those who keep these believes come out and blame their brothers and sisters in faith, as sinners. That is actually the Galatians heresy, if it become legal and not from the heart.

In the end not even our hearts are the final measure, it ultimately boils down to how we view God and how we understand him.

On a side note, I am a humble movie collector and in my opinion Avatar was very beautiful and yet it was one of the most unimpressive stories, filled with clichés and all that. If it hadn’t been of the visual effect I would rate it a very poor movie.

Good day to you.

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