Pumpkins, Crackheads and POTUS

Pumpkins, Crackheads and POTUS

It amazes me, how people get to my blog using crazy search terms. Oh yeah, just look at the ones below. I am clueless.

“Spine rightousness”

I still don’t know what this means

“Satanic pumpkins”

The prince of evil. Grrrrrrrrrrr

“Pot quote”

It’s good, if you’re a crack head

“Good samaritan gone wrong”

I didn’t eat that mouse, my twin sister did!

“You don’t start an angry atheist”

Arrrrgh! Start me…

“I did nothing wrong but they’re accusing me of being pedophile”

Jimmy, it only happens when you support a pedophile.



“I dependent lines of evidence skeptics”

This one’s mine, yeah. I gave it to Arnold in his terminator movie, to open the film with, but he refused….so I started the war.

5 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Crackheads and POTUS

  1. Too funny! You have good ones, John! I haven’t looked for awhile . .. ever since the one that said Deb drips. ! haha! God bless you and your sense of humor!

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