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If I were an atheist, and wanted to land a right hook on the chin of Christianity, I would aim first at its disunity. If one took serious inventory of the differences between Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Reformists, Pentecostals and the endless myriad of non-denominational churches (some estimate such churches to be numbered in the 10,000 range worldwide) one would find more disagreement in thought and practice than in nearly any other “ism” on the planet (granted, its “Christianity” and not “Christianism,” but you get the point).

One will find that the average Christian who engages in debates with atheists will often lack concern for such things. Those on the outside can’t help but see the overwhelming disunity among Christians; but often, those on the inside never see it, or they see it but simply don’t care. Regardless, it is a serious problem. The early Christian apologists hung their hats…

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  1. I don’t see it as a Weakness I see it as A STRENGHT The TribeS of Christ, sort of, North South Est West are not the same but belong to each other, but can’t change them as their duty is North South Est West..

  2. There is only one thing I concern myself with when I determine my “unity” with someone, or some faith. And that one thing is what do they believe concerning Jesus Christ? He is the “cornerstone” to the whole thing. If they are wrong about salvation in Christ alone, then they are not my brother or sister, but if they have entered in through Christ alone, then we are family. All the rest is small stuff.We may differ on other things, but we are family. My biological sister and I differ on many things, but she is still my sister. What an athiest may consider to be division, is not division, if we are united in Christ. That is also how I determine a cult, what do they believe concerning Jesus Christ. This is always the main issue. If we have Christ, then we have the Spirit of Christ and that Holy Spirit is working on our misconceptions. We are a work in progress.

    1. Salvation through Christ alone… would it matter if I believed that salvation is indeed through Christ alone, but believed also that Christ was a created being? Would you and I still be “family”?

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