To my athiest friends, your thoughts on this?


Here’s a lecture by New York University professor Paul Vitz to explain a connection between atheism and fatherlessness:

Here’s an article by Paul Copan (related to the lecture) which points out how father presence/absence and father quality affects belief and disbelief in God.


Seventh, the attempt to psychologize believers applies more readily to the hardened atheist.It is interesting that while atheists and skeptics often psychoanalyze the religious believer, they regularly fail to psychoanalyze their ownrejection of God. Why are believers subject to such scrutiny and not atheists? Remember another feature of Freud’s psychoanalysis — namely, an underlying resentment that desires to kill the father figure.

Why presume atheism is the rational, psychologically sound, and default position while theism is somehow psychologically deficient? New York University psychology professor Paul Vitz turns the tables on such thinking. He essentially says, “Let’s look into the lives of leading atheists and…

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  1. I hate to see things like this promoted as such. I can’t comment fully on the 1994 Swiss study quoted, as I don’t know what, if anything they attempted to control for, but we see misuse of epidemiological data in medicine all the time to draw conclusions as the author does. Is there causation here or correlation? The list of anecdotes, which equivocates on the case definition would suggest that the author is not very careful, and his conclusions dubious at best. Looks like what happens when post modernism has a crash with data.
    Beyond the problems with method, the basic argument is the same as the one that goes, “look at all the atrocities committed in the name of religion…”. Bad argument. Look at all the atrocities committed in the name of civilization, ethnicity, and personal mobility via automobile. Suckers gonna mess up. Get them together in a group and they’re gonna mess up big. That’s the fact and it has no bearing on the merits of anything else. Nor does Hume’s childhood have any bearing on the merits of his philosophy, whether or not his childhood was a factor in the philosophical issues he pursued.
    The follow-on commentary by “Wintery Knight” is merely phonemic flatulence which I’m charitably assuming was an accidental release, since it is based on no evidence.

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