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Note: This article is inspired by a lecture given by Dr. John Bloom at the 2012 EPS Apologetics Conference. Dr. Bloom is a physics professor at Biola University. He holds a PhD in physics from Cornell University, a PhD in ancient near eastern studies from the Annenberg Research Institute, and a Masters of Divinity from Biblical Theological Seminary.

On my own “Evidence for Christianity” page, I mention that there are a number of physical parameters which appear “finely tuned” to produce a universe capable of harboring life. Described below are four examples of fine tuning…but there are many, many more.

Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry

Quarks and anti-quarks form via matter-antimatter pair production. Because of their nature, these particles instantly annihilate each other. However, during the Big Bang, a slight asymmetry in this pair production resulted in approximately 1 extra particle of matter for every 10 billion produced.

It turns out that this…

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  1. The obvious answer to this is the anthropic principle, or the idea that the universe is ultimately limited or gauged by conscious perception within it.

    So it shouldn’t be surprising, then, that we perceive routine and ongoing constants. After all, what else should we expect? A universe of shifting mathematical application?

    Of course not. That’s absurd.

    1. That doesn’t really answer the question of *why* we’re here, though.

      Sure, we can say, “We’re here because we’re here” (anthropic principle)…but isn’t that kind of a cop out? It just seems anti-intellectual…

      1. “Why” is irrelevant in science. It’s not irrelevant in philosophy but that’s not what physicists are doing.

        “Why” is also irrelevant to me because, if there is a god, I would conclude, through simple observation, that god is disinterested in the affairs of this world. Everything that happens in this world, from the conduct of humans to natural events are precisely what we should expect in such a circumstance.

        What is anti-intellectual is the demand that science must conclude the why. Theist scientists, instead of conducting new research, set out to demonstrate god by listing mathematical constants. How petty is god that he requires such demonstration? How faithless are his people that fail to accept him at his Word?

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