Spreading the joy of Christmas: part 2

This is on Christmas, we didn’t go to church, we went to these people, to the forgotten parts of the body of Christ.

Hi guys, happy new year 2013. I had wanted to share with you a little earlier this post but got bogged down with other things and never got the chance. I am delighted to share this with you now.

We are outside the very small town of Kasur in Pakistan, near the Indian Pakistan border area. Although there are many deserving people in this area but we carefully marked the most deserving families and went to wish them Christmas with gifts for everyone. the pictures says more than I can describe in words.

Two girls wash their dishes beside a waste dump, that is where they live. She was so shy, she would not come in the group photo above. I had to take her picture though she has the most beautiful smile.
We make our way through places like this, not a pretty sight and yet people live here.

And yet people sit down in the comfy chairs and sing hymns, eat fabulous dinners and never think of the people who are not as privileged as they are.  I’m not being self-righteous here, far from it, if only the church, the people of God would do more of they are supposed to be doing, we could spread a lot of love.


I love the expression of the girl in the violet zipper, she was so excited to see her gifts.
The man is happy to see us and invites us to stay for some tea but we leave as we need to go to other people too.



Yes, that big pile of dark green matter to me side is a pile of cow dung.

I would encourage you to help others in the start of this new season, its not about the money, it about making some one smile and let them know that they matter, that they are not forgotten, they are our brothers and sisters. I am not a rich guy, nor is my family rich, we just do what we can, with help from friends and family we have managed to do this. When you’ve been to places like this, a warm fireplace and a cozy bed seems like an important thing rather than a for granted thing. I encourage you to look around you and see if you can help someone, be a blessing for someone.

We hope to do a lot this year again. Remember us in your prayers and these people who need your love and prayers.

God bless you all.

By John A. David

A student of theology, a bible teacher and a graphics designer. I ramble a lot about Christian faith, apologetics and atheism.

6 replies on “Spreading the joy of Christmas: part 2”

You are doing great work John. I do not take my warm bed for granted. Recently, when having flu and terrible headache I was thankful for my warm bed. I realize there are many poor people out there even without visiting such places.

In the new year I wish you and your family strength and wisdom when facing challenges that life brings.

Thank you so much for sharing these dear ones with us and sharing your heart too. I can’t think of a better way to go into the new year, than desiring to help others. God bless you!

God bless you, brother. And thank you for sharing the pictures and story. I am so guilty of taking for granted the luxuries I enjoy – and do not deserve. I sit on my (rather uncomfortable) bed and enjoy reading blogs and articles from the internet, I have a modern kitchen and bathroom facilities that I do take for granted. We have t.v., games, a car, jobs, a nice house and too many ‘things’. It’s wonderful that we all the have the Lord Jesus in common. I will give more this year, and pray more – that is my resolution for 2013. Thank you again!

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