C.S. Lewis Daily

C.S. Lewis Daily

320377-stephen-king-637x0-2“Truth comes out, in the end it always comes out.”

Stephen King, The Shining


I know for a fact that Stephen King does not suit up in the line of thinkers and theologians, whose sayings I so want to share with you almost daily. But I am a big fan of king’s writings and I had to share this one with you.

I was re-reading King’s “The Shining” when this statement above struck me. I must confess I have read this particular novel 5 times and yet I always skipped this  line mentally, only now when I thought about it, is when I realized the brutal honesty of these words.

It amazed me because sometimes we get so bogged down in life that we forget the basic truths of this universe and despite the obvious rumor about there being no god and all, I still think justice and truth has a way of finding itself back into this world, one way or the other. Some call it karma, some call it fate, what you sow you shall reap, but the underlying truth remains the same, that never changes. You can’t cover it up for ever. Truth indeed comes out in the end. If only men knew this simple eternal truth, our world would be a much better place.


2 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis Daily

  1. Someone commented to me about some of the great truths that our faith is based on. This is like that, a great truth about truth. I find it comforting! God bless you!

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