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The Scotsman David Livingstone doesn’t neatly fit into the category of ‘missionary’.

Instead he tends to live in the memories of the British as an heroic Explorer. When speaking in Cambridge he confidently asserted, ‘I go back to Africa to try to make an open path for commerce and Christianity.’[i]

Whether he was just naive or cynically working for colonial domination remains a subject of debate. But Livingstone passionately believed that an increase in commerce, instead of slavery, and an increase of Christianity instead of other religions would be beneficial to Africa, and he became more vitally involved with the mapping the land itself and learning about its people than any other missionary of his time.

Once bitten!
There is one famous incident in Livingstone’s life which is famous and fascinating: the lion attack.

Tim Jeal, describing the incident writes,

‘As early as 1842 [Livingstone] had seen ‘a woman actually devoured in her…

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