The Monk Who Stopped Studying

The Monk Who Stopped Studying

Knowing-the-WordIt is the story of a monk who was reading Scripture, when all of a sudden, he slammed the book shut, walked briskly out of the monastery with the Bible under his arm and took it to the nearest bookseller, where he sold it. On his way back to the monastery, he gave the money to a beggar on the street.

When he got back to the monastery, his fellow monks asked what he had read in Scripture which had offended him so much to cause him to sell his only Bible. “I was not offended,” he told them.

“I was obeying. I read where Jesus instructed a man to sell all he had and give it to the poor. So I obeyed.”


I don’t believe Christians should go out and sell their Bibles. But what I do want to suggest is that before we attend another Bible study or listen to another sermon, we put into practice what we already know, and that we obey what we have already learned. I firmly believe that most Christians in the United States, despite the reports of our vast biblical illiteracy, know enough of the Bible and what it teaches that it would take at least a year to put into practice what we already know. We don’t need more sermons and studies. We need to put into practice what we already know.

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8 thoughts on “The Monk Who Stopped Studying

  1. Or how about both? The more I know of God the more I love Him and want to be like Him. Study and application of God’s truth is not an either/or but a both/and proposition.

    1. Well said, BJ – I know the Bible and what God expects of me as a Christian but I still battle with my flesh on a day to day basis, I need a constant stream of what I know to be reiterated just as frequently as my sinful nature reiterates its agenda…and John, thank you for the reminder to make those choices to obey rather than ignore what we’ve learned or hesitate because we think we don’t know enough – the apostle Paul himself said that he doesn’t claim to know anything beyond the fact that Christ died and rose again – the real power in our effectiveness as Christians is believing what Christ has done and frankly, I never weary of hearing that.

  2. I think for many of us, it’s a lot easier to sit back and read our Bibles, do Bible studies, meditate on His Word, talk about it, enjoy sermons, etc, feeling good about the knowledge of truth…all the while forgetting that the point is not to merely be hearers of the Word, but doers as well. We have repeated warnings about such practices all through Scripture, especially the New Testament.

    If we aren’t careful, we fall into the practice of the Pharisees/Biblical scholars of Jesus’ time who knew all they needed, but didn’t love God or others. They missed the point and didn’t know God. I think it was easy to fall into the cultural practice of what they witnessed around them, just as it is for us today. Jesus was brutal with this type of “religious” behavior. What would he say to us today? Especially Americans?

    I am always surprised to remember that the early church had no Bibles, but their growth was astounding. Now, I am not saying there weren’t ANY Scriptures, but common men (and most esp women) simply did not own copies of Scripture. They were very rare because of the work it took to make more copies. Not to mention illiteracy was rampant.

    So yes, if we did what we already know to be right it would change our world. Radically. This has been a big challenge to me for the past few years. We as a culture have tried to meld Christianity and the pursuit of the American dream. Separating the two can be difficult, but James tells us if we ask God for wisdom without doubting, God will give it.

    Great post.

  3. I think it all starts with prayer. What does the devil fight us the hardest on? He knows that If we “drink of Christ” on a regular basis, then His Spirit in us, working from inside out, will begin to cause us to DO THINGS! We need to get regular about REAL prayer, and prayer IS doing something! Praise God!

  4. Agreed. We are in no want of devotional supplements, sermons in print and on audio nowadays – esp in the U.S. We just have to get to the heart dealings with God in the midst of it. I tried pulling you up from my inbox last wk – and had trouble. Glad you dropped in today. Makes it easier for me to visit. I hope you enjoyed the Biblical Perspective of Achievement.

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