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C.S. Lewis Daily

2785-1-charles-spurgeon-historical“The cross rejected is the clearest proof of the heart depraved.”

Charles Spurgeon


24 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis Daily

      1. So millions of people are schizo because they hear God’s voice, in their hearts or minds? No one hears it audibly by the way. And if someone does hear it audible there is good reason to see if he’s really schizo or not. But that does not mean there can never be an audible voice. Can you, with 100% certainty claim that?

        1. I didn’t make the claim. The other person did. I can say with 100% certainty that if someone hears an audible voice they are suffering from a hallucination regardless of the cause.

          Hearing a voice that is not audible – is not hearing a voice. It’s creative interpretation of feelings.

          1. I know he did and you concurred. And you said it well enough, its an interpretation of feelings and I will vouch with you first hand that is no proof in and out of faith for anything itself. But I find it hard to believe that no feeling may be divinely inspired.

            1. I am not sure what type of God you have in mind, but whatever it is, you should be honest enough to see that your current thought pattern allows for no window at all. By your own admission, if God talks to you or you see him, you will get your head checked first thing in the morning. Well I don’t see that small window even if one does exist as you say. But unwanted as it may be, I’d still say if you really have a 1/1000 chance, make sure its a fair one, otherwise it makes no difference what mind you have made up about God and faith, you might as well cancel that too.

            2. If you approach “god” like you should any argument — with the intent on proving it false. You can destroy your faith rather quickly. And guess what? You’ll STILL be a good person! You will, also, live with a sense of urgency and a feeling of kinship with your fellow creatures which you could not feel before.

            3. Not sure how can one approach God as an argument? you can approach faith as an argument but not God. Did you destroy your faith the same way?

              As for being moral and good without God, I, for one, have never doubted this and have actually said the same consistently on my blog numerous times. To say otherwise is to go against commonsense and the scriptures itself.

            4. Commonsense, yes … but there is no sense at all in the cryptic soup of the bible.

              No, it took me 33 years to slowly chip away at my faith, but once I removed it altogether — I realized it could have been done overnight. I was “in love” with god in the sense that I wanted to believe in it so much that I was overlooking all the stuff of sense.

              I am glad to hear that you do not promulgate the incredibly destructive notion of original sin.

            5. It’s not difficult to follow the truth in this current model of society. The truth is too lonely, as there is no emotional appeal made from mathematics – where the truth lies.

              Human beings will always be at odds as long as we continue to be ruled by metaphors.

            6. What do you mean by “the cryptic soup of the bible.”?

              All things are good to dissect as long as you know how to follow proper hermenuetics, there is some element of mystery in all forms of faith but in this case, it seriously isn’t the one you are pointing out. The scriptures are clear that men can and are, good and moral without God’s laws or faith.

              I’m not sure how you understand “original sin”; perhaps you would like to give me a brief description of what you think this term means to you? so we can be on the same page.

              Many people don’t understand Bible because they do not how to read and properly interpret it…this goes equally for the theist and the atheist. The most critics of the Bible I have found, have no more than studied it briefly for once, and they are all about how they totally understand it. I can’t help but take this kind of criticism as improper, since I know it is not been given thought., which become apparent soon as they dive into strawman arguments. But more importantly, I know for a fact that most people have less intellectual problems with God, they have more of emotional ones. Infact most of the time their intellectual ones arise from their emotional ones. And its hard to get those solved because faith or the lack of faith, is a very intimate, personal kind of notion. It is one which defines us. Conform it and people can take offense, even unintended offense before you can realize it.

              Human beings will always be at odds, no matter what the state of truth is. Putting away faith will just give us something else to squabble about.

              I have stood many times on the brink, on the grey area, the border line which separates faith from atheism. And I am talking about after I came to Christ. More than once I almost decided to jump the fence. I know of the liberating feeling you talk about, I know what it feels like to be free of faith, I have been there. And yet I could not do it because in my mind I know what is there and there is nothing new, I know how subjective man can become, I know how I became one.

              And it is not a matter of how moral you are, it is seriously not. God loved the sinners of the world precisely for the same reason. It doesn’t matter how good you perform. What matters is where your heart is set.

              In the end everything must follow its logical conclusions. It must bear the responsibility of its assumptions, presumptions and truths thereof. And it must answer for itself, even if that answer goes against its very purpose. To me atheism is too hollow. And it makes sense only to the degree I want to make sense of it.

              There are many things in faith which doesn’t make much sense to me, and yet there are many many more which do make sense. My opinion is exactly the opposite of what you said, to me things make sense only if God exists, else they don’t, and to alternately quote Richard on the subject “there is only pitiless indifference and mere survival”.

              Your utopian notion, is charming and indeed commendable and sadly isn’t possible. This is not pessimism talking but simple maths. Its like me asking you, on a billion dollars of income would you be paying tax? you would not need a calculator to check this, you would know tax was already owed. It is the same here.

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