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2785-1-charles-spurgeon-historical“To tell about Jesus without the cross is to betray him with a kiss.”

Charles Spurgeon

By John A. David

A student of theology, a bible teacher and a graphics designer. I ramble a lot about Christian faith, apologetics and atheism.

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Oh he talks about the sacrifice… not the crucifixion. There is the faith/works thing too. Reading Pauline texts with a more critical view shows that he is quite different… kind of building his own religion.

He was establishing a new doctrine…one which did not base on judaism work base doctrine. Paul is very different and I believe that was the way it had to be. No matter where you go…Paul would bring the focus back to Christ.

Yes, you can see it that way. Jefferson famously did not. The dichotomy between the Pauline texts and the rest of the NT is 3D HD contrast. The dating of the texts of the NT is also interesting. Without Pauline texts the NT would look much like a plagiarism of Buddhism… with a few extraordinary bits thrown in. It is interesting to look at the end of life for all the apostles… those that are reported to have known Jesus. The story adds up differently than orthodox Christianity would have us believe.

A lot of scholars will get divided on that fence…you can quote a few, i can do the same…but i have never taken a number a game as authentic of anything.

Without Pauline text the NT will still be the gospel.

hmmm “plagiarism of Buddhism”? may be you would like to specific because I really can’t see how it is that. Buddhism at its core is a self centered philosophy. The gospel is Christ centered.
Every religion at its core, agrees with no other.

I’ll agree with you on some of this. The Christ’s teachings are a mix and the NT has some terrible issues. In the OT we see YHWH protect Daniel, Job, David… but those apostles who were witness to the actual real god? Not so much. He sent them out to proselytize but thought they were not worthy of protection.

Christ’s teachings are rememberances of the law of reciprocity. When you look at it, there is Buddhism in it and Hinduism in it. The Christ figure is nearly a perfect plagiarism of other pre-existent religious god figures. To me it is telling that THE god would not protect the very witnesses to his resurrection.

The Christ teachings are self centered: turn the other cheek; who is without sin throw the first stone; love thy neighbor as thy self; and so on. These are self centered philosophy. You are your brother’s keeper and so on. Sell your possessions and follow me… feed the poor. I did not say an exact copy, just influences.

One of the important parts is that an omnipotent and omniscient god sent the apostles to their death. That’s an awesome way to spread the word.

One last bit, every religion at its core does promote the law of reciprocity. The golden rule if you will.

I’ll agree with you on a tiny bit here.

don’t you think that if the bible was as fake as you imagine it to be…we would have actually made up stories of heroism and divine help in the N.T as well? I mean if men wrote it, portraying your men as sheep to be slaughtered, in contrast to O.T… hardly sounds like a good choice

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