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Friedrich Nietzsche said:
A god who is all-knowing and all-powerful and who does not even make sure his creatures understand his intention—could that be a god of goodness? Who allows countless doubts and dubieties to persist, for thousands of years, as though the salvation of mankind were unaffected by them, and who on the other hand holds out the prospect of frightful consequences if any mistake is made as to the nature of truth? . . . Did he perhaps lack intelligence to do so? Or the eloquence? Must he not then . . . be able to help and counsel [his creatures], except in the manner of a deaf man making all kinds of ambiguous signs when the most fearful danger is about to befall on his child or dog?

I’m working on a response to this, but you seem on a similar wavelength so would love to hear your comments on it as well 🙂

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Uhm.. Sir John David? Can you lead me please to where you addressed greg? Thank You
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My apologies for the late reply sister Deb but I wanted to put up something so you can see what kind of work we are doing and Yes you can help, in a lot of ways. You can give money that is the best resource if not that, you can donate Bibles, you can donate clothes, you can pray and convince others to give.

Let me know whats on your mind. Shoot me a mail if you like on, sono1.david [at] gmail [dot] com

Hi John.

I came across a rather disturbing thing in Afghan culture. I also heard it associated with Pakistan as well. As one who lives in Pakistan, what can you tell me about Bacha Bazi?

It is a savage practice, as you already know, I assume that Afghanistan’s culture revolves around this. In that culture, to see a women’s body is taboo and wrong, except for eyes, hands and feet which can not be covered. To see any other part of a woman’s body who is a stranger, or does not belong to your family, the strict Islamic law, as the Taliban enforced in their regime, was to be flog/whip the man eyeing the woman, 40 times. A woman who does not wear appropriate dressing was to be punished the same way. A woman can not travel alone on a street unless she has a male with her, even if that male is a six year old boy.

So with these ancient norms in the afghani culture for centuries, the idea of having male prostitutes got in demand more and more. In a society this much pressurized, there have to be vents or it will just explode. So what they do, is that they either buy/hire young boys, as slaves, or they kidnap them and use them. Sex slavery is the modern term for this, they call is bacha bazi. In the afghan culture, this is not considered wrong or taboo.

In Pakistan, this is considered taboo and illegal, but in the tribal areas of Pakistan which are next to Afghanistan, the areas where afghans live in considerable numbers, this thing is practiced as a norm. Nobody complains, so no one does anything about it.

Cities like Quetta, Peshawar and the northern areas, as well as some areas in the province of Baluchistan, where those people live who have ties with Afghanistan, and are powerful enough to cover their tracks do practice it.

Since most afghans live there, they don’t find anything bad in the practice. Some of this sex slavery is now voluntarily done too. For money, protection and etc.

To understand more you have to realize the concept of the feudal lord culture which exists here and in afghanistan plus india too. In which the feudal lord is entitled to everything which goes on his land or to whom he gives money. The people under such lords are bound till life to serve them, as labor. Their money, their women, their daughters and their boys belong to their lords who may use them for violence, sex or labor, as they see fit.

While Pakistan has laws against such things and now with more education and awareness, many people try to go courts, the process is very slow. You have to understand that Pakistan is very new country, it has only been 60 years since we got out from the slavery of the British and to the generation who got out of it and are still alive, think of these lords the same way they saw the British. That is, above the law. People are unaware of their rights and with the extensive powers of these feudal lords, who have money and muscle to get their way, most people never think its worth the effort, they rather go into sex slavery than turning up dead in some unknown place.

This is especially true for Bacha bazi, in northern areas and Baluchistan where the feudal lords are very powerful.

Thank You for your reply John.

I first heard a little about this from a man at work who is retired from the U. S. Navy. He was stationed in Afghanistan, and was a guard to Afghan prisoners there. While my co-worker never specifically mentioned Bacha Bazi, he said that the Afghans believed “women are for making babies, and boys are for pleasure”.
For the life of me, I cannot understand how an entire culture has condoned this practice for thousands of years. I understand those in power are the ones committing these atrocities, but this has been going on for thousands of years?

Hi Rollie, I have been very busy and hadn’t had time to engage my blog. But yes I am ok…there have been some problems but I am praying God will take care of it. I hope all is well on your side. God bless you.

Dear John, I am a Christian man with an open mind to ideas. I believe that science is a tool God has given man for human growth. My question is: If Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is true, why do we think that humans have completed their evolution? Is it not possible that we could be developing abilities and traits that we currently do not possess? Why do we conclude that we are a finished product if we had to evolve to get to our current development. I have never seen this explained. Thank you very much,
Duncan McDonald

It is a good question. (I don’t know) But we all know that human being use a very small part of their brain…
I think here could come an expention and so a different view on almost everything. So I would say we are not done yet, far from it. I could even say that in this moment we are on regression…

Hi Wil,

I think it’s a fair question. The point is evolution happens because there is natural selection, adaptation and many other factors, including, environment, habitat, survival competition, genetic mutation.

I don’t think human evolution is complete. It is not. Sharks have evolved little in the last 300 million years, so have the crocs. They might if there is a change which requires them to adapt and it that happens, either there are enough mutations to adapt to the change and survive or otherwise go extinct.

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