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A Christian-Evolutionist’s odd position in faith.

Some say it’s an oxymoron, but I am not sure. I do know I am one.

Creation is the hottest topic between the religious vs. atheist crowd. Science against faith stories. Evidence against faith. It’s a really a hot button for many. I have seen people become very personal and argumentative when it comes to creation. For some reason, this is the topic which carries a lot of emotional baggage with it. I have seen a lot of people behave offensively on this.

I have been a lot of things actually. I have been a devout YEC, an evolution basher, an enthusiastic Gap theorist, then a euphoric OEC and then a troubled Theistic evolutionist. And now I am more inclined to be just an evolutionist, and not so much troubled anymore. My transition has been across the board from atheist to agnostic to slightly deist to YEC to OEC and within that from Gap theory to Theistic Evolution. The more I studied, the more I figured that evolution was undeniable.

Apparently, a lot of believers don’t agree with me when it comes to that. I don’t blame them. It is not an easy thing to do. It took me some time to come to realize that there is probably no way that I may able to square things out between my faith and science, or between faith and evolution. That is my opinion, and some believers have no trouble reconciling science and creation, and I am fine with that.

However, my conclusion is that the biblical creation story quite certainly makes a strong case for

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Reflection of the Overzealous believer

When I first started this blog, I was angry, hateful and amateur. I yelled, ranted, vented out. I said stupid things, I wrote some stupid stuff, which is still in the early posts of this blog. Some of the things you can read if you look up the old archives. I’m not proud of it.

With time, I learnt a few things and gained some perspective and gradually that reflected on my person and in my writings. Now when I come across someone like me four years ago, I try my best to show them that their attitude is all wrong. That they are having tunnel vision and that things are not that much black and white as you think they are. Plenty of grey areas are there. The more I have matured in my thinking, the less concrete answers I have.

And honestly, I have gained some peace in myself for a lot of things. I have started to trust God a little with some of the things, not all, but some things entirely. I can sit back and relax on those. And now I look back and see that is what was always missing from me, peace. But I was full of zeal but it was misdirected in a lot of ways and for all the slap-shut answers I had for my opponents, it left me distressed mostly.

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Article: France moves to toughen ban on religion in schools

France moves to toughen ban on religion in schools

What do you think? Should religion be part of education system?

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A question of washing sin and baptism

John, it is truly shortsighted to blindness to deny what the Bible clearly proclaims. What does the Bible say is the purpose of baptism? Is it not to wash away sins? (Acts 22:16). Can a person be saved in their sins, or are they saved from their sins?

Short answer, NO!

Baptism CAN NOT wash sins. If it did then Christ’s atonement means nothing. Further if the sins are forgiven on an “act” of baptism then salvation is earned by something you do and therefore can not be received by grace anymore.

Baptism is a beautiful act, one that I think a believer should partake in but not because it has any merit on grounds of washing away sins or attain salvation by its mean.

This argument is really no different than what the Jews had in the early church, which is that a person must be circumcised to obtain salvation even though he has put his faith in Christ. Man’s old favorite thing… to do something, to obey and to please God, to achieve a free gift with a work, on a merit he wants to earn. But grace makes it all redundant and the sooner we realize it the better.

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The Monk Who Stopped Studying

Knowing-the-WordIt is the story of a monk who was reading Scripture, when all of a sudden, he slammed the book shut, walked briskly out of the monastery with the Bible under his arm and took it to the nearest bookseller, where he sold it. On his way back to the monastery, he gave the money to a beggar on the street.

When he got back to the monastery, his fellow monks asked what he had read in Scripture which had offended him so much to cause him to sell his only Bible. “I was not offended,” he told them.

“I was obeying. I read where Jesus instructed a man to sell all he had and give it to the poor. So I obeyed.”


I don’t believe Christians should go out and sell their Bibles. But what I do want to suggest is that before we attend another Bible study or listen to another sermon, we put into practice what we already know, and that we obey what we have already learned. I firmly believe that most Christians in the United States, despite the reports of our vast biblical illiteracy, know enough of the Bible and what it teaches that it would take at least a year to put into practice what we already know. We don’t need more sermons and studies. We need to put into practice what we already know.

Full article at

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A word about Hell and humans

Now, I am going to keep it short but I want the people who constantly complain about hell to get a little perspective because they seriously lack one. I want atheists to read this too because they talk about this one more than anything.

Nowadays, atheists and Christians alike have a very strange version of hell, a hell which burns with fire, sulfur  brimstone, a red man with little red horns holding a trident in his hand. The fear of mutilation, bodily punishment etc etc. This is the most romanticized version of hell.


Let me tell you how this version was made, it started with medieval age where artists like Michelangelo and others of the time, took artistic license to fill in the simplicity of scriptures and made hell more colorful, an artistic rendition so to say.

An interesting thing is that the horns on the devil came with an artist’s interpretation of the character too, which is amusing since it was a mis-translation of some note-taking office boy of the artist, who wrongly assumed the word torched light with pointed horns and so instead of Lucifer being the “morning star”, he became the horned beast. And this depiction showed him as cruel and savage and being the bad guy and all, the image stuck.

An artist depiction of the opening of the book of Job

The same is true for Michelangelo’s famed Sculpture of Moses with the tablets of the ten commandments, since in the biblical account the light of God shone on Moses face. It was that mistake about the translation

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In remembrance of Christopher Hitchens

I have struggled to come up with words to memorialize my friend Christopher Hitchens. It occurs to me that were Hitch given such a task, he would quickly produce several pungent paragraphs packed with provocative ideas, erudite literary references, and razor-sharp humor – all composed in perfect sentences. Even in his last weeks of cancer progression — when, as he wrote, “more and more [was] being relentlessly subtracted from less and less” — Christopher maintained the tireless ability to deliver treasures from his own richly-stocked intellectual shop in the marketplace of ideas. He once said to me that he was more afraid of boredom than of death.

Perhaps it seems odd that a physician-scientist who has written about his own conversion to Christianity should become close friends with an avowed atheist whose book subtitle is “how religion poisons everything.”Perhaps that seems particularly strange in Washington, D.C., where even minor differences of philosophy or politics can be grounds for permanent personal animosity.

And certainly my friendship with Hitch did not begin easily. I attended a small dinner function for him after he had debated an unfailingly polite British scientist-Christian about the rationality of faith. In the debate, fueled by the ever present glass of scotch, Hitch’s one-liners had become increasingly outrageous, and he was scoring many points with the audience of university undergraduates. In the aftermath, I thought it would be interesting to engage him on what I thought to be a more serious question – whether it is possible for a strict atheist, who sees all of human behavior as a consequence of evolution, to claim any real status for the concepts of good and evil — or whether these must be considered wholly as artifacts of natural selection, of no real significance. Hitch’s response was explosive, decrying the question as utterly childish – just as a good debater would do. Let’s just say we didn’t shed further light on the matter at that time.

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Keep Christ in Christmas: A lesson from history.

Contrary to popular belief  the X in Xmas, is not what it is often seen as. I have a lot of time, including my dear loved ones, assert that we really should not replace Christ in Christmas. Frankly why are we so down with a pagan holiday is beyond me but nonetheless, for those who truly love Christ and would have him the centre of their lives, this thing kind of becomes a problem. A lot of people do not even know that the tree and the Santa are not really Christian concepts, to me personally Christmas is more of a remembrance that Christ came, I hold nothing more than that, I am sure a lot of people do it for the same reasons. But we have to set the record straight.

The “X” in Xmas has been around for a long time. It’s not a replacement of Christ (although some who don’t know the history might intend it to be.) It’s the Greek letter “Chi” which looks like an X and it has been a symbol for Christ as a form of shorthand, since the earliest of Christian times.

Another example is the symbol of the Christian “Fish” Symbol.

The Greek word for fish is “Ichthys” The phrase, Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter, i.e. Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, was used probably from the very first century as a symbol for faith in Christ by Christians as a symbol because it used the first letters of that phrase and made the word Ichthys.

So next time somebody uses the phrase “Keep Christ in Christmas” as a form to shame others or to try to get people to think there’s something wrong with using the “X” instead, you can do some good and let them know the real history and maybe even let those who want to use the X to replace Christ, that that X has been a part of recognizing Christ for a long, long time!

I sometimes just don’t get people when they show honest zeal but which is nonetheless misplaced, if only most believers would study more, it would do a lot of people much good, including their selves. I wish all, the very best for the holiday season. You want to celebrate Christmas, go out help someone rather than spend money on fancy trees, just as Christ wanted us to do.

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Transubstantiation? You can’t just eat Jesus, man


So does the bread and wine become the body of Christ or is it just in remembrance and no transubstantiation occurs?

I’d be interested to know of your views about this.

Found this originally on Andrew Marburger tweets. 

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A question about being rich, and Christian salvation

A question I came across recently by an other Christian brother. Although not something new, I think its still an important one. Can a rich man go to heaven? What did Christ mean when he said, it is easier for the camel to pass through the needle’s eye than the rich to get into heaven? Have a look.

“Recently I had to endure a spew of interesting thoughts on my new career path and why i’m evil and going to hell because I hate the poor and love money. In YOUR opinion does making 6 figures make me a terrible person? I’ve always lived by ” If I love god more than my money and at all times Tithe I am not in danger”. But for about 3 hours I had pounded into my head that I need to make money save it, then give it all away and then “carry my cross” and live in poverty, so I can follow jesus correctly, or else I do not love jesus and I hate the poor. So obviously I’m a little distressed right now because I’ve just been told I cannot go to heaven If I make too much money, and also that working for an oil company is not serving god or carrying my cross and shows that it’s how I am not a true christian. So I guess my question is am a Evil person for seeking success?

I’m not going to lie I, chose the job for 4 reasons 1) I love The western states including north dakota 2) I love physical Labor 3) I like the Cold 4) The Pay
I’ve always wanted and felt called to make something of my self on my own and I feel like that’s what I’m doing, But am I denying jesus and not carrying my cross because I am making the choice to work hard and make living rather than live in poverty?”

Below is my response: