Dear angry atheist: an open letter

Dear angry atheist,

I get it why you are angry at me. May be you were brought up by bad religion, may be you were taught to believe in God and you didn’t feel anything, may be your prayers went unanswered, may be you are a big fan of hitches and Dawkins. May be you just do not like the idea of  a God in the first place, may be you are scared of hell, may be you are a free thinker who despises boundaries and commandments in a book called Bible, may be you are confused which God is to be followed. May be you went though something bad, or may be you are too sensitive and can not comprehend the idea of God and an evil world, may be you just like free sex, may be you are a very good person who does not need God, may be you live better than most Christians, may be you think you are above others, intellectually or may be you just don’t give a fuck. For whichever reasons you are an atheist, is none of my business.

I am also sure you are a human being who is honest to his doubts and convictions, I respect that. I also realize that not all atheists are angry people. But when you talk to me like an angry atheist, it certainly makes me think hard about what have I done to you personally?I am not asking for agreement, merely civility. Though sometimes you are civil, most of the times, you attribute my faith with words like:

fuck you, fucker, unicorn, Santa, tooth-fairy, zombie, cruel, idiotic, blind, worthless, shit, crap, bullshit, stories, pathetic, weak, less intelligent, having low I.Q, rigid, nutcase and perhaps many more. 

Who died and made you an authority on faith? Who are you to say it to anyone? how is it your business what I should believe in? if you want to ban my belief from everywhere, does it not make you intolerant as well?

You think you are up for free thought and speech for all? then show it. By all means, disagree, dissect and analyse but do not insult people. Would it sound nice if I lump all atheists in one sweeping stroke and call them, fuckers or a**holes? Would you like personally, being compared to Stalin, Mao and Pol pot? Would you agree that it is a fair assessment to say that all atheist are stupid just because some atheists are dumb?

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Then why would you attribute all of this nonsense to me? Don’t you think you are insulting my intelligence, my faith and my opinion? If you want your view to be respected at least(if not condoned), would it harm you if you could grant me the same courtesy.

If you are as intelligent and intellectual as you think you are you would see the wisdom of being civil and polite. It would cost you nothing. People will actually listen to you. You would do more good to atheism if instead of saying, I don’t believe in unicorns, you talk to people and listen. Listen to why they have faith and then go on and speak your mind.

If you have made up your mind before you know what you are talking about then its plain stupid. Because of you I have stopped taking atheists seriously. Your anger in my opinion has caused more harm than good. You are making the gap between us more and more wide, when all I expect is respect and I am more than happy to give you back the same.

Dear angry atheist, please do not let your hatred and anger, cloud your manners and politeness. May be you don’t give a fuck, but still, the hatred in you can not go on for long. In the end hate and anger will corrupt your reason to the point where you will be an extremist. No different from what perhaps made you hate religion in the first place, some people who were extremists without reason.

You are free to believe what you want, should not I have the same right as yours?

Ah! but you are angry at me for making you suffer religion. I know some of us have gone to great lengths to make some trouble for you, if you are gay, they do not want you to marry, if you are against prayer, they are in favor of it, may be they shout in your face about how you will end up in hell, may be you disgust them. But please remember, they are wrong for treating you like this, they do not represent all of us. So do not stereotype all of us as it would be wrong as you would not want to be stereotyped as well.

It is a battle ground out there and my only hope it that we remain respectful, two wrongs do not make a right. An eye for an eye only makes the whole world go blind.

Anyone can be a loudmouth, there is nothing great or fantastic about it. And when you are at it you are not at your best and you fail at conveying what you wanted to say.  If I wanted to, I could have named this post “Dear Atheist, shut the fuck up” and that thought came to me for a moment because I saw something like “Religious people shut the fuck up” written somewhere, but I didn’t because that is not how I truly feel I should treat you and we cannot respect each other and live together, if we are at war all the time.

I do not hate you, even if you disagree with me. I hope you can grant me the same favor.

7 replies on “Dear angry atheist: an open letter”

they also say- bigot,crazy,feeble-minded,slave,disgusting,moron,lunatic,twat,cult,liar,evil,against science,poor excuse for flesh etc.- i’ve been dealing with lot of atheists obvioulsy XD

The name games are on both sides of the fence. I can’t even begin to express to you the amount of hatred I have come under from hateful bigoted Christians in the past. These closed minded reactionaries do a disgrace to both Christianity and atheism. I agree with you that ad hominem attacks are childish, and I am glad to read that you do not stereotypically lump all atheists into the same pile. It’s refreshing to meet a person who is willing to be open minded and have a civil discussion. I’m off to read more of your blog. Take care.


I like what I’ve just read, I’m intrigued. Your letter is obviously a reaction to your experiences with atheism though clearly you are against being reactionary, I’m looking forward to reading more as this balance is far from common.



It is certainly a rare balance and often hard to maintain as more people on both sides often get personal. I m delighted you visited the blog, feel free to read and share what you think.

Just beginning to explore your refreshingly authentic blog….Thanks. I am a “juco” math prof and a theist (a believing christian for almost 40 years). I converse routinely with others who consider themselves “fundamental literalists” and they often cast scorn and dispersion my way for attempting to reconcile science and my faith in some feeble way. So far, enjoying the read and the civility.

I agree as an agnostic atheist. Ad hominems are childish indeed. Being a passionate cosmology lover, I know that a large number of atheists do not even have the tiniest idea that what Big Bang is, but I also know many fellow atheists who generally have a whole heck of all knowledge about the thing they are talking.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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