Article: An agnostic defends religion

An agnostic defends religion

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Biblical Bullshit, God in a laboratory and the Skeptic’s Dilemma

The Angry Skeptic

Offensive title, I know. I was surfing the word press reader when I stumbled across the Blog titled “Biblical Bullshit” and as usual it turned out to be nothing more but a ventilation shaft for someone who despised religion.

I think, calling vile names to Bible and God, seem attractive and cool to atheists. They probably enjoy having the upper hand in intelligence or at least they hope to. But they forget that in all of this they are in no way any different that than the religious crowd who also calls them a lot of bad things.

Hypocrisy seldom sells so I am afraid that these atheists are somewhat a disgrace to atheism itself. Most atheists even consider Sam Harris to be a disgrace to atheism but that is no more different than calling out the Pope as a disgrace to Christianity. Does any of it helps? No.