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A question of washing sin and baptism

John, it is truly shortsighted to blindness to deny what the Bible clearly proclaims. What does the Bible say is the purpose of baptism? Is it not to wash away sins? (Acts 22:16). Can a person be saved in their sins, or are they saved from their sins?

Short answer, NO!

Baptism CAN NOT wash sins. If it did then Christ’s atonement means nothing. Further if the sins are forgiven on an “act” of baptism then salvation is earned by something you do and therefore can not be received by grace anymore.

Baptism is a beautiful act, one that I think a believer should partake in but not because it has any merit on grounds of washing away sins or attain salvation by its mean.

This argument is really no different than what the Jews had in the early church, which is that a person must be circumcised to obtain salvation even though he has put his faith in Christ. Man’s old favorite thing… to do something, to obey and to please God, to achieve a free gift with a work, on a merit he wants to earn. But grace makes it all redundant and the sooner we realize it the better.

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Water Baptism, Declaration of Faith and why these are not needed for Salvation

Water Baptism

This is one of the topics that most Christians are very sensitive about. I remember the other day when four of my friends were actually convincing someone to repent and accept Christ. And their focus was on two things, water baptism by immersion in water and a verbal declaration of faith.

I have nothing against water baptism or verbal confession of faith but nonetheless I ended up offending all of them.  The only person who listened to me was the guy who was yet to accept Christ. Why? because both of these things in my opinion are not required for salvation, at all.