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God gave us pot and the idiot who opened up the Bible

Most people who read the Bible never realize that they in fact are not reading the Bible, they are reading a translation of the Bible. There is indeed a barrier of language which is a great hurdle for many to not know and understand the original languages i.e Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, in which the Bible was originally penned down. What is worse is that the system of interpretation which is the most common and the most popular among Christians and atheists alike is that they read the Bible plainly.

What usually follows is a faith based system of taking verses out of context and treating them as they were universal objective true principles applied to everyday life and person.

What I have seen more is that, atheists have started using the same system of reading the Bible too and that is why they are hilariously wrong at times, at others they make it sound very rational and intellectual to take out their english bibles and point to you a verse, isolating it completely and then asking for explanations.