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Why Genesis days are not 24-hour days – Part 3

Thank you all for participating in the discussion and sharing your views whether we agree or not, I appreciate all of your precious feedback. I encourage everyone to speak their mind as they see fit. 🙂


A couple of remarks, first I do not think that the days in genesis, represent ages. As you also noticed, as far yom is concerned, where it does also mean more than a day, I am simply not trying to prove that because I realize that it is unlikely so. I am not arguing with any biblical verses in genesis to mean differently than six literal days. My point is that the story of Genesis is not talking about the age of earth at all. My contention is that is using poetic structure’s to emphasize creation and perhaps make the story more easy to remember, with categorical creation details divided into segments, to be sung and told again to future generations. I would be intellectually dishonest if I do what I am asking you not to do.

Furthermore I also believe that the Genesis authors believed that the six days actually meant six literal days, just like they thought that the Sun and the moon orbit around the Earth and not vice-versa. Their knowledge was limited to their day and age. That is perhaps likely so, because in Exodus 20 when the genesis creation account is again summarized they follow the original six day construct, and that is also for the sake of consistency.