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The Earth is young but it just looks old: Why Genesis days are not 24-hour days – part 2


So the most common argument I have come across is that the earth is young but God made it look old. Just like Adam was not made as a baby but as an adult, so it would logically follow that the earth could have been made the same way. But did that really happen?

On the first glance even though I strongly disagree with this position, I can say, yeah sure it may have happened. God is certainly not off- limits to deception. The lord does work in mysterious ways. What if he really made the earth and the entire universe 6000 years ago but made it look like it was 14 billion years old? Can he do it, well if he can do anything yeah, sure.

It is a clever position because it can neither be supported from within the scriptures, nor outside of it. There is no way to really test this claim. I could be accused of holding a similar position, which can not be defended by scriptures, sure, I grant you this. But the fact is, my position is based on observation and science, the only difference is that I am not treating the Genesis account as literal. But on the other hand, the idea that Genesis account of creation should be taken literally,