Article: Hitler’s Killer Women Revealed in New History

Hitler’s Killer Women Revealed in New History

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The anti-christian propaganda: Christianity, Hitler and Nietzsche

The most power tool in Hitler’s arsenal, for some, was the propaganda techniques he applied to keep his audience in complete awe and totally unaware of what was really going on the war-front. It was perhaps the effective use of this that he managed to keep Germany silent and going even after defeat looked imminent to the military brass.

Propaganda is indeed a very powerful technique, when a figure, usually a figure of authority rises up and tells people what they expect, you can score many points with them. Most of the time the audience swallows it hook, line and sinker. Mostly because they lack trust or are made to distrust other sources of information.

In the world of internet, propaganda is happening everywhere, from the brainwashed teenagers at westbro baptists to the hard core atheists – figures like Dawkins…you can very well implicate any group. The most astonishing is the constant barrage of senseless accusations, I keep getting from the “New Atheist” movement.

Contrary to popular belief  a lot of atheist are not militant,  a lot of atheists are disgusted by the new Atheist movement. I know a lot, who respect other people and their right to believe what they may. But there are many, who have found the internet as a venting ground and from what I assume to get attention and to rap about their new found philosophy, they place charges which are bizarre; myths that have no real grounds to stand on. And yet I keep hearing them again and again. A part of this is that the new Atheist propaganda technique which reiterates the main points over and over.

On the internet you need not a conspiracy, you only need repetitions  and what you get is a constant circle of bogus charges placed on faith, with no context and sometime little to no research. Frankly there are only handful of atheists who I have found to be realistic enough to handle the topic with wisdom. Most often lunge on emotional appeals, straw man, hatred and disdain towards faith, pain or traumatic experience. There is mostly a personal side to the obvious dislike. There is most of the times  a factor of “I was dealt a bad hand”  by life, fate, society etc. So who is to blame…God. Seems like the obvious choice because he is the ultimate- invisible scapegoat.

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The truth: Adolf Hitler talks about Christianity

Image source: Wikipedia commons

Was Hitler really a Christian? Was he a catholic? Did he have a secret Christian agenda? People have been forming opinions about it since the days of the second world war.

I so often hear these words “Hitler was a Christian”. Spoken by people, most of who probably don’t even know anything else about Hitler; or on one occasion a 12 year old kid who told me he knew the truth of the universe. How lucky? I thought.

I see this bring up in debates and I must say I cringe every time I hear these words. Let me offer some food for thought to those who still maintain a belief in Hitler being a Christian.

All of the excerpts are quotes from Hitler himself. Taken from Adolf Hitler, Monologe im Führerhauptquartier 1941-1944. published by Orbis Verlag, Hamburg, Approved Special Edition in 2000.

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Morality, Holocaust, and the Athiest

In a recent discussion on a forum, I was given a statement with regards to morality by an atheist who was arguing for subjective morality.

The statement was:

“… something is correct if the majority says it’s correct and if society chooses to enforce that rule.”

When I asked him that would he stand by the same rule, if applied to WWII Nazi Germany and the resulting Holocaust?

I was met with silence.

Am I the only one or you also think that there is something completely wrong with this statement?

In fact to be honest, it’s not only, not right, it’s not even wrong, it’s retarded.

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Do not expect a righteousness to prevail…

Just because so many things are in conflict does not mean that we ourselves should be divided. 
Yet time and time again one hears it said that since we have been put into a conflicting world, we have to adapt to it. Oddly, this completely unchristian idea is most often espoused by so-called Christians, of all people. How can we expect a righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone who will give himself up undividedly to a righteous cause?

Sophie Scholl

The last line sent a shiver down my spine, to think that one of the greatest crimes in human history, the Holocaust, happened because people wanted to survive, ride it out, like all others. They expected righteousness to prevail but at someone else’s expense. How sad, tragic and awful it is to see the ugliest side of humanity when it is at its worst.

When I read those lines, years ago, I felt overwhelmed by the brutal honesty of her words which still to this day makes me think how I should live my life. The idea haunts me. I have stopped praying for some time now (a long time I suppose) for God to feed the hungry and provide welfare for the poor. I do not pray for peace for mankind, I do not pray anymore for sickness and famine to be removed from the world. I do not pray that earthquakes be averted or storms do not occur. Instead I am trying to live the way we are expected to live.