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The thing about fear: an excerpt

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This is from a new short story, I am writing but I am stuck with it for now. I do not know how to end it. Well, that is not true, I know the ending I just do not like it right now. Well, here is an excerpt. Hope you like it, I like it thus far.

The man looked at the boy carefully, watching his movements. He was not just a spiritual counsellor,  he had graduated with a psychology degree and then later he had joined the parish, adapted a life of celibacy and was now close to retirement.

He was trying to register anything odd but so far all he had seen was fear. The boy was afraid, terribly. This was troubling. The man knew first hand what fear could do. It was the strongest element to break one’s spirit; fear was something that each man had. It was probably the only thing which all men shared in common, regardless of their race, color or creed. Fear was the curse that humans had when they were born but the strange thing about fear was, it was different for everyone. Some fears were harmless, he knew that. But even a harmless fear, when it starts to eat you from the inside, is a dangerous one. A single mother termite could eat a full scale wood home in nine thousand years. And that was how fear operated, slowly and surely. Sometimes, the damage done was irrecoverable.

He hoped the boy would tell him. Most of the times, children are afraid of their own imagination. Just past month he had convinced a child that there was no such thing as a monster under his bed.

In part he was telling the truth but he had also lied. It was true there was no monster under his bed, the boy had just seen two scary movies back to back and so he was afraid.

But the man also knew that monsters existed, not in the same sense as people assumed them to be but nonetheless. They were mostly seen by children too.

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Coming out of the closet: a writer

Coming out from

OK guys, it’s time for me to come out of the closet.

I am a big fan of horror/paranormal fiction and ever since learning English and reading English, I have wanted to write. I have not written much but only a few stories that fall in the horror genre. For some years I have been hiding them because

1. I really do not think I am a “good” writer.

2. I am afraid my language skills, simply suck.

3. I don’t think I am hitting any revolutionary ideas.

But I think its time for me to start sharing these. I would love your feedback, your reviews and if nothing else your honest opinion. I write because the whole “bring your story on paper” thing excites me.

I’m not writing for money(though I am not opposed to the idea) but I write because I love to write and I want to write.

So here it is, my first upload:

It lurks

A strange thing is happening out on the countryside. Claire and Rick are struggling to get their lives in order but they will soon confront the fear that is slowly taking over their town.

Yes, thank God for self-publishing you can download it at for free. . And if you do find it interesting, please let me know what you think.

There is a new page on my blog now “Short Stories” and I will be posting stories whenever I write those. On a side note, I will be uploading my second story Tic-Toc, very soon.

That’s it guys, say hello to the writer in me and if I suck at it, please be gentle. 😉

Good day to you all.