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The Atheist Morality: A Parasitical Existence

The modern atheists (much like the primitive atheists) are always more than eager to attack the moral structure of religion, namely Christianity. Islam and Judaism should be next on their lists but seldom heard, anyways.

Claims like:
  1. The Bible teaches, murder, revenge, fanaticism and  immoral behavior of all types.
  2. Religion has been responsible for wars and is inherently dangerous. Crusades are the prime example.
  3. Religion is indoctrinated in children by their parents, this is extremely immoral and dangerous. (For all the blatant accusations made, this one makes me want to smash my head against a wall. Next one could be, beware of kittens, they are known to detonate when touched).
  4. Religion makes a person, blind, narrow minded, weak, un-intelligent – life forms. It sucks the brain out of them and makes them prone to be easily manipulated.
  5. Religion plants guilt in a person when he is having pre-martial sex or gluttony and so it should be banned as it limits pleasure, in short open sex license. (huh…I dont know what to say on this at the moment. This is so wrong that I am sure whoever first suggested it, could easily qualify to be the biggest fan of  “Desperate Housewives”)