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When Evangelism don’t work

Okay guys,

Time to doodle. Yeah, I have been wanting to do this for sometime now, and hopefully I will make more if I get good ideas to share with you what I feel. Let me know what you think.

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Let’s define ownership: a lesson in morality and logic

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

So the other day I was engaged in an argument with a fellow poster. A nice guy who knew what he was talking about. So we come to the old question about Morality. His responses are in Italics.

I think subjectivity is simply inconsistent so I rejected subjective morality early on. He however was in the opposite corner. In between our conversation, I said “Stealing is wrong”. Now listen to this, he says:

If I define stealing as ‘wrongfully taking what doesn’t belong to you’, then it’s wrong by definition. Then, the problem is reduced to our theory of good or our idea of what makes something right or wrong. And also, it helps to establish what qualifies as ownership.

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Morality, Holocaust, and the Athiest

In a recent discussion on a forum, I was given a statement with regards to morality by an atheist who was arguing for subjective morality.

The statement was:

“… something is correct if the majority says it’s correct and if society chooses to enforce that rule.”

When I asked him that would he stand by the same rule, if applied to WWII Nazi Germany and the resulting Holocaust?

I was met with silence.

Am I the only one or you also think that there is something completely wrong with this statement?

In fact to be honest, it’s not only, not right, it’s not even wrong, it’s retarded.

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On sin, forgiveness, Hitler and the pedophile: the on going debate of who goes to heaven.

Hi Rachel, If I may inject my own perspective here, I am going to address some of the points you made here,

I am going to break it down. It is going to be a long post. I think we should go step by step. Lets define what we are addressing. In this post, I am talking about sin, the average joe, Hitler and forgiveness. How God treats sinners and the things related to it. Next we’ll move to confession, repentance, being sorry and being saved. I think the below should be enough to be digested first, through and through and then we will proceed forward. I would appreciate if you can keep your thoughts to the points I have discussed, we will get on with the others a little later.

I am not asking you to to accept theism as truth but namely that what are your thoughts on the following?

  • Is any thought new to you? in the sense that you can treat something in a new light perhaps?
  • In your opinion would it make sense, up-till the point that I have discussed; and what will be your objections to any logical explanations below?

What I am NOT looking for is:

  • emotional appeals to what seems unjust by any non-theistic perspective
  • hasty conclusions.
  • A one liner which says “I dont believe in your sky daddy so all of this is crap.OR God is a hypocrite because he let murderers in his place but not gays. ;). Please I am well aware of these and I can tell right now, and further down in the post I’ll demonstrate why it is wrong. That this is more assumption on misinformation, faulty logic and less exploring; if you explore more and assume less you would not accuse me of something I do not hold to.
Atheism against Religion Atheism: A Logical Analysis Atheist Morality

Has secularism resulted in higher moral standards than religion?

Dear reader,

As per my posts on atheist morality, the argument  has now been pushed from “atheism is more moral than religion” to “Secularism has resulted in higher moral standards than religion.”

So I thought it is worthwhile to analyze this argument and see if we can find that “Objective Morality” that atheists claim only exist in atheism, however since they could not prove it conclusively with atheism, they have broadened the term to secularism. I do not think they are playing word games with me rather they naturally think within the limits of atheism that anything but religion can be good.

The purpose of my argument is not to conclude that religion has the sole key to higher moral standards.

My purpose is to find out whether secularism results in any higher moral standards than religion. On a upclose view i find the given statement actually errant, it is based on faulty logic, now don’t think I am trying to evade the question, I will explain it to you.

Atheism against Religion Atheism: A Logical Analysis Atheist Morality

Why Atheism is not more moral than religion

Ok guys, I admit, I was having fun with atheists in my last “The Atheist Morality: A Parasitical Existence”

I got some very interesting feedback from it. I would also like to apologize as it offended some people that I took a funny shot at the atheists, accusing them partially (some of it was serious and true enough) and misrepresenting their position (actually not all positions I listed were my own or derived, most of them are held by eminent modern atheists).

One particular response I got was from Mr. Joseph Nevard, while you can read his comment on my previous post, he invited me to visit his blog. I do not know Mr. Nevard otherwise and it would be wrong of me to make assumptions but I think he believes in atheism (I could be wrong but that would not affect the following) and read his post he had directed me towards. 

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The Atheist Morality: A Parasitical Existence

The modern atheists (much like the primitive atheists) are always more than eager to attack the moral structure of religion, namely Christianity. Islam and Judaism should be next on their lists but seldom heard, anyways.

Claims like:
  1. The Bible teaches, murder, revenge, fanaticism and  immoral behavior of all types.
  2. Religion has been responsible for wars and is inherently dangerous. Crusades are the prime example.
  3. Religion is indoctrinated in children by their parents, this is extremely immoral and dangerous. (For all the blatant accusations made, this one makes me want to smash my head against a wall. Next one could be, beware of kittens, they are known to detonate when touched).
  4. Religion makes a person, blind, narrow minded, weak, un-intelligent – life forms. It sucks the brain out of them and makes them prone to be easily manipulated.
  5. Religion plants guilt in a person when he is having pre-martial sex or gluttony and so it should be banned as it limits pleasure, in short open sex license. (huh…I dont know what to say on this at the moment. This is so wrong that I am sure whoever first suggested it, could easily qualify to be the biggest fan of  “Desperate Housewives”)