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Narrow is the road that leads to life

“You’re both fired,” my new boss, who had joined the organization only a week ago, told me and my christian coworker. The new boss was a man who had jet black hair and a long beard, the one that almost reached down to his chest, a man who went to the mosque five times a day to say his prayers. This was the same time when the American war on terror had started and I was working in a small software house as a web designer and animator, in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

When I asked him why he had fired me, he told me that me and my other Christian friend were always slowing down work, we were not regular and we were not doing any work which was satisfying to their standards. It was far from the truth. The only thing important to note was that me and my christian friend were the only working Christians in the small organization. We were both fired on the same day, at the same time with the same accusations. We were handed our termination letters and were told to exit the premises immediately, we were not even allowed to clear out our cabins or take away any personal files, no sir. I know why he fired us, it was nothing to do with our work, it was because he thought that Christians should not be allowed to sit alongside Muslims and that it was due revenge because Afghanistan was being attacked by a Christian nation, America, so any chance he could get to humiliate us was a good opportunity.