Spreading the joy of Christmas: part 2

This is on Christmas, we didn’t go to church, we went to these people, to the forgotten parts of the body of Christ.

Hi guys, happy new year 2013. I had wanted to share with you a little earlier this post but got bogged down with other things and never got the chance. I am delighted to share this with you now.

We are outside the very small town of Kasur in Pakistan, near the Indian Pakistan border area. Although there are many deserving people in this area but we carefully marked the most deserving families and went to wish them Christmas with gifts for everyone. the pictures says more than I can describe in words.

Two girls wash their dishes beside a waste dump, that is where they live. She was so shy, she would not come in the group photo above. I had to take her picture though she has the most beautiful smile.
We make our way through places like this, not a pretty sight and yet people live here.

And yet people sit down in the comfy chairs and sing hymns, eat fabulous dinners and never think of the people who are not as privileged as they are.  I’m not being self-righteous here, far from it, if only the church, the people of God would do more of they are supposed to be doing, we could spread a lot of love.

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Spreading the joy of Christmas: Part One

A girl smiles holding her xmas gift, as I take her picture with her Grandpa. They both work at a brick factory.

Dear friends,

I have decided to divide the post in parts. This is day one of the missionary trip.

As you know I was recently away on missionary tour. I would very much like to share the work which my family has been doing for some time now. We are a small family team by the name David Foundation, our mission is to evangelize,  preach and reach people where Christ is not known. We live and work in Pakistan among communities both non-Christians and Christians alike.

This Christmas, we planned to go to a place called Tiba (it means a sand mound) and rightly so because this place is housed on a large sand mound, about 500 homes here. Its a small village and abject poverty reigns here. You can click on images to enlarge them a little.

This whole village was burned down completely in 1993 by Muslim mobs. The government help was poor. These people were once the owners of fertile land around this place and then, especially after this place was burnt, people slowly started selling off their land, the buyers were all Muslims and now these people work as labor on the lands they once owned. The health and hygiene conditions are the worst of all.