Article: How my sins struck terror into the heart of a priest

How my sins struck terror into the heart of a priest

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A question of washing sin and baptism

John, it is truly shortsighted to blindness to deny what the Bible clearly proclaims. What does the Bible say is the purpose of baptism? Is it not to wash away sins? (Acts 22:16). Can a person be saved in their sins, or are they saved from their sins?

Short answer, NO!

Baptism CAN NOT wash sins. If it did then Christ’s atonement means nothing. Further if the sins are forgiven on an “act” of baptism then salvation is earned by something you do and therefore can not be received by grace anymore.

Baptism is a beautiful act, one that I think a believer should partake in but not because it has any merit on grounds of washing away sins or attain salvation by its mean.

This argument is really no different than what the Jews had in the early church, which is that a person must be circumcised to obtain salvation even though he has put his faith in Christ. Man’s old favorite thing… to do something, to obey and to please God, to achieve a free gift with a work, on a merit he wants to earn. But grace makes it all redundant and the sooner we realize it the better.

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On sin, forgiveness, Hitler and the pedophile: the on going debate of who goes to heaven.

Hi Rachel, If I may inject my own perspective here, I am going to address some of the points you made here,

I am going to break it down. It is going to be a long post. I think we should go step by step. Lets define what we are addressing. In this post, I am talking about sin, the average joe, Hitler and forgiveness. How God treats sinners and the things related to it. Next we’ll move to confession, repentance, being sorry and being saved. I think the below should be enough to be digested first, through and through and then we will proceed forward. I would appreciate if you can keep your thoughts to the points I have discussed, we will get on with the others a little later.

I am not asking you to to accept theism as truth but namely that what are your thoughts on the following?

  • Is any thought new to you? in the sense that you can treat something in a new light perhaps?
  • In your opinion would it make sense, up-till the point that I have discussed; and what will be your objections to any logical explanations below?

What I am NOT looking for is:

  • emotional appeals to what seems unjust by any non-theistic perspective
  • hasty conclusions.
  • A one liner which says “I dont believe in your sky daddy so all of this is crap.OR God is a hypocrite because he let murderers in his place but not gays. ;). Please I am well aware of these and I can tell right now, and further down in the post I’ll demonstrate why it is wrong. That this is more assumption on misinformation, faulty logic and less exploring; if you explore more and assume less you would not accuse me of something I do not hold to.
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Will God not accept us in his kingdom if we sin as Christians?

This post is for Christians only.

This question was raised to me a while back and I posted this here to share with you what I think and more so what Christ taught us, because the guy who asked this question was troubled and confused regarding his salvation.

To start I think it is a vague question, a wrong question to some extent, because it doesn’t define the extent of the meaning of the words “God”, “sin” and “Christians”. Many people can have a lot of different views and definitions of these words which may or may not form a cohesive frame of logic.

To start with, God wants to save all but remember he is holy and he wants his people to be holy as well. So at the end, what counts the most is what is in your heart. If you enjoy your sin, God will know that, if you fight your sin and fail or succeed, God will acknowledge that too. Yes, we all sin, but I think we are derailed when we think Christ compromises on our sins. He doesn’t, that is the only reason he came all the way down to earth and died a horrible death so that we could be free of sin. He wants to abolish the sinful nature in us and though sin we may, it is paramount to know what is working in us. If it is the spirit of God and nature of God then we are assured that we can overcome our weaknesses and God saves us from our sins. But if it is the sinful nature that rules us and we are lip-Christians, then we need to seriously look into our spiritual life and the void which only Christ can fill.