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Suicide Explosions in Church, Pakistan

Please pray for christians in pakistan. Today a church with 600 members inside was the target of 2 suicide bomb blastS. 35 are dead and more than 90 are in a critical condition. Many children are missing. Its a very sad day indeed.


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The faith God looked for but did not find

This is an eight minute video of Krista Horning, sharing her testimony about how she lives with disability and her faith. But this post is not about her entirely rather it is more about me .

If you can take out the precious eight minutes out of your busy life, you will see the power of faith. Here is this lady, disable in many ways. Disability that has probably scarred her and ruined her life and yet her testimony rocked me to my core. I did not hear a complain, I did not here a doubt, I did not hear how she consoles herself, all I heard was faith, rock solid faith. The kind of faith God looks for inside us but seldom finds. After I watched her video, I asked myself about what would have I said if I had been through what she has been though and I will be honest here, I did not find much faith. I found doubts and complains, anger and hurt. And it ashamed me. Not because what will people say about me, but that how simple and easy we take the matter of faith at times. We treat it as the most casual thing in the world. The most stupid thing in the universe. And I can not begin to say how much strange I find the people who insist on “God is evil” mantra; would they stop for a minute and ponder upon the paradox? The person who goes through the pain, is not cursing God, and those who probably did not went through the same, feel the hatred. Intellectually it sounds fair but on a more basic logic, I find it astounding.

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And then they burnt our homes

Okay, I have been talking about persecution in Pakistan in my last post. I think almost everyone knows that it is kind of a dangerous place, especially if you are a minority. The incident of which I am about to share happened in late 2007. The big angry mob, set fire to a whole Christian village. They caught a Christian girl in one of the homes, stripped her and dragged her on the streets, naked. No body came, no one interfered. The police stood on the side lines and saw the whole thing go down.

I am attaching a two minute clip, this part of a longer video which I can not share. This was taken live by someone I know (no names, sorry).  Some of the images and video may depict violence.


After the mob went home, they left that village in ash and rubble. This what it looked like when we first got there.

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A must read story, reminded me of how tough life could be.

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Why we suffer? an objection to God…


The biggest issue has been and quite probably, always will be the issue of suffering and an omnipotent God.
Most have already abandoned the “evil” issue since they realize that without God there is on quantifier for ‘evil”.
But suffering, especially of the innocent, is always the big one.
While some “lower” atheist still try to go with the “Jesus myths” and such, that these have been discredited even by Bart Ehrman, has pretty much put a nail in that coffin and are not used by the “higher” atheists. The “rational” atheist tries to make it clear that there is NO proof that God exists and while there MAY be evidence of “something”, that evidence is NOT proof and most certainly nor evidence FOR God per say.

In my view, the evil argument is 100% subjective and most atheist know that, so they don’t use it that much.
The suffering one is still used because it is an emotional one and those tend to be the best arguments for JUDGING God and if you can judge God, you can disbelief Him because you have brought him “down” to our level and hence, he is NOT God.