Religion really isn’t that bad

Religion really isn’t that bad

a nice article.

Gravity's Wings

It’s very common in the atheosphere to lampoon religious believers as “crazy,” “delusional,” “evil,” “stupid,” or any number of insults, frequently delivered in tumid one-liners superimposed onto a semi-relevant background image. You know, like these. There is no shortage of smug atheists who seem to think they’re super clever because they’ve managed to figure out that God isn’t real. Following this post, a number of conversations with people online and in meatspace, and a growing distaste with these sorts of members of the atheist community, I’ve begun to see religion in a slightly more favorable light.

(Don’t worry, I’m not converting! Yet.)

The way I’ve come to view religion is much the same as the way I view sports. There are plenty of sports fans in the world, and I’m pretty okay with that. While I might believe there are more important things that people could be interested…

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