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My name is John A. David. I am a 29-year-old graphics designer, a Bible teacher, and a former closet atheist-agnostic.

I am a doctor in theology, and I play a lot of video games.

I also ramble a lot; sometimes I just stop writing and learn. I believe God’s marvels are breathtaking, from the timeless laws of physics and the diversity of life through evolutionary biology, I am fascinated and want to learn more.

I am an avid reader, a great fan of horror fiction. I love photography. I occasionally play my old guitar, and Chess at other times.

I welcome all kinds of discussion, as long as they are civil.

About the Blog

The critical eye is about handling questions regarding Genuine Christian faith, atheism, and aberrant Christianity.

I started to write this blog to offer a defense of Christian Faith, Critique of Christian practice and a critical look at atheism.

Although born and raised in a conservative Christian home, I remained an utter skeptic throughout my teen years and had atheistic convictions that turned agnostic at one point and somewhere flirted with deism as well. The blog is the result of my struggle, and it covers the observations made and the points learned along my journey to faith.

I contend that “faith is unseen but not blind”, and although I have my doubts and questions about a lot of things in religion, which any intellectually honest individual would have, I hope one day Christ will make them known to us.

I wish to help those who struggle with faith and present some reasoning to those who have lost it that there is indeed a difference between religion and God, that mainstream Christianity has taken some turns for the worst. That there are valid answers, present that I believe, make a strong case for faith regardless of how the church behaves. And of course, why I find atheism highly unsatisfying.


John A. David

36 replies on “About Me”

Thank you for stopping by. I like the point you make that faith is unseen but not blind … having come from a atheistic family which at best was agnostic but highly intellectual I appreciate the search and respect those willing to go on the journey … we are not called to turn off our brains we we are called to believe … although the things of the spirit can sometimes “do your head in”. All the best with the thesis and the video games. Blessings, God is Good!

David, I am glad He got a hold of you and thanks for sharing your story. I noticed the comments you made about your faith and doubts that you are still struggling with. My son is about your age and is also an intellectual. He is a bright and successful civil engineer. He is walking with God and in fact has a very tender heart for Him. But, like he said to me, sometimes he wishes he had my mind. I do not hide to anyone that I am not an intellectual and I do not like wearing masks As such having faith is a piece of cake for me. (well, there is the fact that He brought me to the end of myself as well, I did not have a choice.)

I encourage you to keep going forward and keep persevering in Him. He keeps increasing your faith as you make use of what you have and He is capable of making your faith as strong as an oak tree. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.
In His Agape Love.
M. J. Andre

Thank you for the encouragement and the prayers, for these I am truly grateful.

To be honest I think we all have some doubts, though they may not be on the existence of God but his nature thereof or perhaps in some cases vice-versa. Though I think people like me or your son, have a few questions, is a good sign of a burning desire to keep that faith. I guess the world we live in offers so much that losing faith has become so easy and having faith is perhaps more tougher than climbing a mountain, at times.

My best wishes to you sir, and thank you for taking out the time to write.

God bless you.

Some nice thoughts and interesting stories so I thought I’d let you know that due to the section I wished to put your blog I don’t believe I’ll show up as a follower, but you’ll be linked, at least for a time, just the same….

I just posted on your other site. I didn’t bother reading your background. It was the Universe as a Brain, that got me. Its a conclusion I made before reading it as anyone(s) elses idea. So now I find you are a “believer”. And now I can say I have had so many answered prayers and signs, some that saved my life, and also experiences of ESP (not many, but very unusual), that I cannot come to any other conclusion but “God” exists. I hope to write about it because my story goes beyond anything I have ever heard or read about before. And the biggest question is always..”why me?”. Is it all for my personal knowledge?? It doesn’t make sense. Would I believe my story if I was “another” reading it? To be honest, “no”…I experienced it and I barely believe it myself. I believe that “science” and “belief” are quickly arriving at the same place, and not the place scientists wanted. We’re in a great age if discovery, that is boggling the mind of our brightest scientists. God wants us to use our minds to discover, to learn about the Universe, to not be blinded by dogma. Because “He” knows where its going to lead.

Oh, so you were atheist and then agnostic too. To me it took two times longer to finally become Christian. At least I learned lots of great stuff from theoretical physics. 😉

Your story is remarkable but then God is even more so. I have a number of good friends via/ wordpress who were also in your place before coming to Christ. I find them to be real, honest to a fault and very wise in their blog posts; I have learned a great deal from them.

I agree the church got lost on the “yellow brick road” and turned off a lot of what God intended to be taught and I grew up in the church in a very Christian home and background. Hopefully, we are learning our lessons here.

Very interesting stuff here. What I get from browsing your articles is that God has touched your heart and has freed your mind. I can see that your site will be a valuable resource. Keep up the good work.

John, your blog is wonderful. You know you’re ace in my book – can’t go wrong quoting my Lewis! I love the faith unseen that’s not blind. From what you’ve shared of yourself, I think you would give your ear to these thoughts:


I wouldn’t share a brain-intensive, lengthy one like this, but felt it was right up your alley, given how you see His handprints in evolutionary biology:


So glad to have met. Blessings. Diana

John, did you sign up to receive posts by email? Or did you tap the + follow sign on the top line of the Reader? I’ve been having technical trouble, not receiving word of all my follows, though you show up in my Stats. Your input will help Tech Support help me. Thanks so much for all your time and encouragement. I meant to ask if you’ve heard Ravi Zacharias…he is the BOMB of an apologist – out of India.

I am please to meet you here. I found you on ‘the Recovering Legalist’. I feel like I have found kindred spirit in many ways, but I will read some more. Your views on the relationship between your faith and the science and experience of this world match many of mine. I believe no matter what, now to enjoy learning more and more about Him and His world.

Hi Rollie, nice to hear from you, I am not writing atcively but I check the blog 3-4 times a week, Real life has caught up to me in a way that I am vested there more than I am online. I hope you are doing fine. I hope we stay in touch bro. thanks.

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